Case Report
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World J Clin Oncol. Nov 24, 2021; 12(11): 1072-1082
Published online Nov 24, 2021. doi: 10.5306/wjco.v12.i11.1072
Table 1 Summary of the clinicopathologic features of myxopapillary ependymomas with anaplasia
Ref.Age (yr) at MPE with anaplasia (age at typical MPE) SexLocation of MPE with anaplasiaAdjacent tissues involvedCSF dissMIB-1 IndexMVPTreatment

Awaya et al[25], 200315MTh12-L2NoNo10%YesGTRNo
Beschorner et al[26], 20073MSubcutaneous sacrococcyxYesNo40%YesGTRNo
Vega-Orozco et al[27], 201138 (22)MInguinal node metastasisYesYesNAYesSTR, RTRT
Chakraborti et al[28], 20120.9FSubcutaneous sacrococcyxYesNo70%YesGTR, CTNo
Huynh et al[29], 201824FL2-3YesYes8%-38%YesGTRGTR
Lee et al[24], 20196FL4-S1NoNo20%YesGTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 20197FT12-L3NoNo11%YesSTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 201910ML1-2YesNo34%YesGTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 201910MS1-2NoNo15%YesGTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 201911ML4-S3NoNo14%YesGTRNo
Lee et al[24], 201912MLumbo-sacralYesYes10%YesGTRGTR, RT
Lee et al[24], 2019 13ML1-2NoYes8%YesSTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 201920 (16)FL3-S1NoYes10%NoGTRRT
Lee et al[24], 2019 32 (31)MS1NoYes10%YesSTR, CT, RTRT
Lee et al[24], 201940F4th ventricleNoNo20%YesSTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 2019 45 (31)FExtraspinal pelvic YesYes40%YesSTR, RTGTR, CT
Lee et al[24], 201950ML5-S3YesYes10%YesGTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 201955FL1-2NoYes20%YesGTR, RTNo
Lee et al[24], 201957 (45)MT8-L5YesYes26%YesSTR, RTGTR, RT
Kanno et al, 202146 (16)FL4-S1YesNo12%YesSTRSTR, RT