Observational Study
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World J Clin Oncol. Mar 24, 2021; 12(3): 183-194
Published online Mar 24, 2021. doi: 10.5306/wjco.v12.i3.183
Table 2 Thromboembolic events in patients with testicular germ cell tumors who underwent cisplatin-based chemotherapy at our Institution (n = 19)
Type/pathologic stage of testicular tumor
RPLN ≥ 3.0 cm before chemotherapy
Type/number of cycles of chemotherapy
Timing of PE/DVT in relation to chemotherapy
Seminoma IIBYesBEP (2 cycles), EP (1 cycles)DVTSame day immediately prior to Cycle 1 Fondaparinux sodiumYes
Seminoma IIANoEP (3 cycles)DVT1During (Cycle 1)Heparin → apixabanYes
Seminoma IIIBNoEP (4 cycles)PE + DVT23 yr after initial chemotherapy, recurrent diseaseEnoxaparin sodiumYes
Non-seminoma IIBYesBEP (2 cycles)DVT2During (Cycle 2)Warfarin →enoxaparin sodiumYes
Non-seminoma IIBNoBEP (3 cycles)PEDuring (Cycle 2)Heparin → enoxaparin sodium → rivaroxaban → apixabanYes
Non-seminoma IICYesEP (4 cycles)PE + DVT1 wk before Cycle 1Heparin (lovenox) → warfarinYes
Non-seminoma IIANoBEP (3 cycles)DVT2During (Cycle 2)Fondaparinux sodiumNo
Non-seminoma IIBYesBEP (3 cycles)PE1During (Cycle 3)Fondaparinux sodium → warfarinNo
Seminoma IIANoBEP (3 cycles)DVT2During (Cycle 3)NoneNo
Seminoma IIINoBEP (3 cycles)PEDuring (Cycle 3)Enoxaparin sodiumNo
Non-seminoma IIICYesBEP (4 cycles)PEDuring (Cycle 4)Enoxaparin sodiumNo
Non-seminoma IIICYesBEP (4 cycles)DVTDuring (Cycle 3)Enoxaparin sodiumNo
Non-seminoma IIANoBEP (3 cycles)PEDuring (Cycle 3)Heparin → rivaroxabanYes
Non-seminoma IIANoBEP (2 cycles)PEDuring (Cycle 2)Enoxaparin sodiumNo
Seminoma IICYesBEP (3 cycles)PE1 mo after chemotherapy endedHeparin → enoxaparin sodiumYes
Seminoma IIANoBEP (3 cycles)PE + DVTDuring (Cycle 2)Heparin → enoxaparin sodiumYes
Non-seminoma IIBNoBEP (3 cycles)DVT1 d prior to Cycle 1Heparin → fondaparinux sodiumYes
Non-seminoma IIIANoBEP (3 cycles)PE2 wk after chemotherapy endedWarfarin + enoxaparin sodiumNo
Seminoma IICYesEP (4 cycles)DVT2During (Cycle 2)Enoxaparin sodium → fondaparinuxYes