Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Mar 15, 2023; 15(3): 562-570
Published online Mar 15, 2023. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v15.i3.562
Table 1 Twelve reported cases of carcinosarcoma of the biliary tract
Main complaints
Preoperative diagnosis
Outcome at time of last follow-up
Sasamoto et al[5], 202179/maleGeneral malaiseLower bile ductBile duct cancerPDDeath, 26 mo
Moreno Moraleda et al[9], 202039/maleJaundiceCBDCBD cancerNADeath, 2 mo
Xie et al[1], 202076/maleAbdominal painDistalCBD stoneLap-CNA
Usui et al[10], 201974/maleHigh γ-glutamyl transferase levelRight intrahepatic and CBDBile duct cancerRight hepatectomyNA
Lee et al[11], 201691/femaleLiver dysfunctionHilarBile duct cancerResection of the hilar cholangiocarcinomaDeath, 2 mo
Kumei et al[12]201573/femaleAbdominal pain, jaundiceMiddleBile duct cancerSSPPDDeath, 6 mo
Hoshino et al[13], 201373/maleAbdominal pain, jaundiceNACholangitisPDDeath, 4 mo
Tanaka et al[14], 201271/maleAppetite loss, jaundiceDistalRepeated cholangitisPDDeath, 10 mo
Aurello et al[15], 200873/femaleJaundiceDistalIntrapancreaticPDAlive, 7 mo
Xia and Xu[16], 200657/femaleAbdominal pain, jaundiceDistalCBD cancerBDRNA
Kadono et al[17]200575/femaleJaundiceMiddle-distalCBD stonePDAlive, 7 mo
Loud et al[18], 199735/femaleJaundiceHilarCBD stoneBDRNA