Observational Study
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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Feb 15, 2020; 12(2): 205-218
Published online Feb 15, 2020. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v12.i2.205
Table 3 Patient reported symptoms of neuropathy and impact on health-related quality of life (n = 31), n (%)
SymptomNumber of patients who listed the symptomImportance for health-related quality of life, 0 = not at all important, 10 = extremely important mean (range)Symptom definition
Hand tingling27 (87.0)4.9 (0-10)Feeling of pins and needles, stabbing, or prickling in one’s hands
Numbness - feet26 (83.8)6.0 (0-10)Lack of feeling or sensation causing discomfort in one’s feet
Tingling - feet25 (80.6)5.8 (0-10)Feeling of pins and needles, stabbing, or a prickling sensation in one’s feet
Cold sensitivity - hands/feet23 (74.1)6.7 (1-10)Feeling of shock, stinging, or pain upon touching cold items with hands or feet
Numbness – hands21 (67.7)5.6 (0-10)Lack of feeling or sensation in one’s hands
Discomfort/pain - feet14 (45.1)7.3 (3-10)Aches (sometimes throbbing), or pain when standing on one’s feet
Impaired fine motor skills13 (41.9)7.2 (3-10)Trouble buttoning buttons, grasping, or holding objects with one’s hands
Discomfort/pain - hands12 (38.7)7.3 (3-9)Achy, stinging, or stiff sensation in one’s hands
Joint pain/muscle cramps7 (22.5)6.4 (3-10)Feeling of stiffness, pain, or aches in joints, hand fatigue, or cramps in one’s legs or feet
Cold sensitivity - eating/drinking6 (19.3)5.6 (2-10)Feeling as if sharp objects are scratching one’s throat, causing pain when swallowing cold food or drink
Trouble walking6 (19.3)6.8 (2-10)Difficulty feeling feet when on the floor, resulting in stumbling or clumsiness when walking
Discomfort/pain - other body parts5 (16.1)7.6 (3-10)Various sensations covered including clenched jaw, heavy sensation of the eyelid, leg pain or spasms
Abnormal sensation - foot4 (12.9)6.3 (4-8)Feeling as if a small object (e.g., walnut) is beneath one’s foot. Affects balance and walking
Cold sensitivity - other body part4 (12.9)4.3 (3-7)Internal feeling of body coldness (as opposed to on the surface). Spasms or twitching of one’s face, eyes, or chest. when exposed to cold temperatures
Cold sensitivity - breathing3 (9.6)8.0 (7-9)Sensitivity to cold temperatures affecting one’s nose (burning) or throat (closure, spasm, choking)
Numbness - legs2 (6.4)5.0 (5)Feeling of prickling or general sense of fatigue in one’s legs or calves
Abnormal sensations – other body part2 (6.4)3.0 (1-5)Less common abnormal bodily sensations include feeling of coldness inside one’s head and heavy sensation of the eyelids
Burning feet2 (6.4)2.0 (0-4)Burning sensation in one’s feet causing discomfort when touched