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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Feb 16, 2015; 7(2): 121-127
Published online Feb 16, 2015. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v7.i2.121
Table 1 Contents of data in the national administrative database[22]
Hospital information
Location of hospital
Number of beds
Patient background information
Zip code
Main diagnoses (coded with International Classification of Diseases and Injuries 10th Revision
(ICD-10th) code)
Main diagnoses (coded with the ICD-10th codes)
Complications after admission (coded with the ICD-10th codes)
Procedures for patients
Surgery, anesthesia and other procedures (coded with the Japanese original codes)
Drugs and devices (coded with the Japanese original codes)
Dates of each procedure
Dates of use for each drug and device
Admission and discharge data
Urgent or elective admission
Ambulance service use
Dates of admission and discharge; length of stay
Discharge status (discharge to home, rehabilitation hospital or other facility, or death)
Claim data
Total charge
Itemized charges for hospitalization, medication, examination, surgery and others
Other clinical data
Height/body weight
Smoking index
Japan Coma Scale at admission
TNM classification of malignant tumors
Activity of Daily Living scale
Modified Rankin scale
Hugh-Jones classification of respiratory status
New York Heart Association classification of heart failure symptoms
Canadian Cardiovascular Society classification of angina pectoris
Killip classification of acute myocardial infarction
Severity classification of community-acquired pneumonia
Child-Pugh classification of liver cirrhosis
Severity classification of acute pancreatitis
Burn index
Global Assessment of Functioning scale
Table 2 Reports of endoscopic and laparoscopic treatments for gastric cancer using national administrative database
No. of patientsNo. of hospitalsStudy periodInvestigated outcomes
Endoscopic submucosal dissection
Murata et al[27]329439072009-2011Complications, length of stay, and medical costs
Murata et al[30]273858672009-2011Complications and length of stay
Murata et al[36]273858672009-2011Complications, length of stay, and medical costs
Laparoscopic gastrectomy
Yasunaga et al[40]93888052010Complications, length of stay, medical costs, in-hospital mortality and 30-d readmission rates
Kuwabara et al[41]177612582006-2008Length of hospital stay, medical costs and operative time
Murata et al[42]140067442009-2011Complications, length of stay, medical costs and in-hospital mortality
Kuwabara et al[46]30544202007Complications and operative time
Kuwabara et al[47]39142582006-2008Complications, length of stay, medical costs, in-hospital mortality and blood transfusions
Ryu et al[48]20952007-2008Length of hospital stay (pre and post operative) and duration of antibiotic administration and post operative fasting