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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Mar 16, 2022; 14(3): 106-112
Published online Mar 16, 2022. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v14.i3.106
Table 1 Some studies in which brachytherapy has been used with palliative intent
No of patients
Dose of ILBT
Stent patency
118Malignant biliary obstructionYes -16 Gy in 2 fractions8.27 mo (median survival)-Aggarwal et al[34]
248Bile duct and pancreatic cancerYes -25 pulses of 0.8 Gy hourly (total dose of 20 Gy PDR)11.2 mo for bile duct carcinoma -Skowronek et al[36]
332Non resectable biliary malignancyYes -5 Gy in 6 fractions358 d in Klatskintumour418 dBruha et al[37]
422Malignant biliary obstructionYes Yes 15-31 Gy (mean 25 Gy)22.6 mo19.5 moEschelman et al[39]
512Malignant obstructive jaundiceYesYes (6 patients)10-14 Gy-9.8 moJain et al[40]
634Malignant obstructive jaundiceYes -14-21 Gy in 3-4 fractions9.4 mo12.6 moChen et al[43]
714Bile duct cancersYes Yes (5 patients)10 Gy, 2 fractions of 2.5 Gy 6 h apart for 2 d6.5 mo (median survival)-Mayer et al[44]
88Malignant obstruction of bile ductYes -2 fractions of 10 Gy each7.5 mo6.9 moKocak et al[45]