Retrospective Study
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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Oct 16, 2020; 12(10): 355-364
Published online Oct 16, 2020. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v12.i10.355
Table 1 Population characteristics and indications for endoscopic ultrasound
Childrenn = 13
Age (median)15.6 yr
Age (range)6-18 yr
Indications for EUS (n)13
Tracheal mass1
Mediastinal mass2
Pancreatic head mass1
Retroperitoneal mass1
Ampullary mass1
Abdominal lymphadenopathy1
Peri-gastric mass2
Suspected insulinoma3
Rectal subepithelial lesion1
EUS-FNA (n)7
Adverse events (n)0
Table 2 Details of endoscopic ultrasound procedures
NAgeSexIndicationEUS findingsEUS-FNADiagnosisTreatment
117FTracheal mass assessment before surgeryHypoechoic tracheal mass measuring 13 mm × 9.5 mm separable from esophageal wallNilTracheal fibromaSurgery
215FPancreatic head massIsoechoic pancreatic head mass with hypoechoic rim about 30 mm × 25 mm separable from all vessels22GWell differentiated NETSurgery
312FRetroperitoneal massIsoechoic mass with small cystic areas about 60 mm × 60 mm compressing the SMA19GSPNSurgery
415FAmpullary massAmpullary cyst 35 mm × 30 mm with double wall and clear contentNilDuplication cystEndoscopic deroofing
515FPeri-gastric massExtraluminal cyst arising from the muscularis propria of antral wall with double wall about 40 mm × 35 mmNilDuplication cystFollow up
618MPeri-gastric massHypoechoic ill-defined peri-gastric collection with hyperechoic calcified areas19GPostpancreatitis collectionResolved with antibiotics
717MRectal SELExophytic rectal mass about 33 mm × 21 mm mostly arising from the muscularis propria with intact submucosa and mucosa19GGISTSurgery
818MMediastinal massLarge subcarinal cyst 10 cm × 7.6 cm compressing the right atrium and trachea with organized blood inside19GBronchogenic cystFull aspiration by EUS with no recurrence
918FMediastinal massMultiple hypoechoic subcarinal, para-aortic and celiac lymph nodes, largest about 22 mm22GLymphomaChemotherapy
1018MAbdominal lymphadenopathyMultiple hypoechoic lymph nodes at portahepatis, para-aortic, and aorto-caval regions, largest about 55 mm × 34 mm. Splenomegaly with multiple focal lesions22GLymphomaChemotherapy
1118FSuspected insulinomaNormal pancreas with no detected lesionsNilNilNil
126MSuspected insulinomaNormal pancreas with no detected lesionsNilNilNil
1317FSuspected insulinomaNormal pancreas with no detected lesionsNilNilNil
Table 3 Summary of current literature in comparison to our study
Ref.Patients, nEUS, nTime frame (yr)Age range (yr)Pancreatobiliary indicationsOther indicationsEUS-FNA
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Current study131346-18677