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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Mar 16, 2019; 11(3): 239-248
Published online Mar 16, 2019. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v11.i3.239
Table 1 Characteristics of the studies included in the endoscopic mucosal resection + radiofrequency ablation arms vs radiofrequency ablation alone
Ref.CountryCentersType of studySubjects (EMR + RFA/RFA aloneOutcomes
Li et al[10], 2015USA148Observational retrospective1263 (406/857)Efficacy and safety
Strauss et al[11], 2014USA2Observational retrospective36 (31/5)Efficacy and safety
Haidry et al[12], 2013England19Observational retrospective335 (164/171)Efficacy and safety
Kim et al[14], 2012USA1Observational retrospective169 (65/104)Efficacy and safety
Caillol et al[15], 2012France1Observational retrospective34 (16/18)Efficacy and safety
Okoro et al[16], 2012USA1Observational retrospective100 (44/46)Efficacy and safety
Pouw et al[17], 2008The Netherlands1Observational retrospective44 (31/13)Efficacy and safety
Table 2 Newcastle-Ottawa Scale for evaluating the quality of the studies
Representativeness of the exposed cohortSelection of the unexposed cohortAscertainment of exposureDemonstration that outcome of interest was not present at the start of studyComparability of cohorts on the basis of the design or analysisAssessment of outcomeWas follow-up long enough for outcomes to occurAdequacy of follow-up of cohort
Li et al[10], 2015×××××××7 Points
Strauss et al[11], 2014××××××××8 Points
Haidry et al[12], 2013×××××××7 Points
Kim et al[14], 2012××××××6 Points
Caillol et al[15], 2012××××××6 Points
Okoro et al[16], 2012×××××××7 Points
Pouw et al[17], 2008××××××××8 Points
Table 3 Endoscopic resection and residual Barrett’s esophagus diagnosis methods
Ref.Endoscopic resection methodResidual BE diagnosis method
Li et al[10], 2015Not mentionedNot mentioned
Strauss et al[11], 2014Duette deviceNot mentioned
Haidry et al[12], 2013Duette deviceNot mentioned
Kim et al[14], 2012ER-cap technique (Olympus) (55%); Duette device (45%)NBI assisted
Caillol et al[15], 2012Duette device or double channel techniqueStaining with acetic acid or high definition endoscopy
Okoro et al[16], 2012ER-cap technique (Olympus) and Duette device*Not mentioned
Pouw et al[17], 2008ER-cap technique (Olympus) and Duette device*Lugol’s staining (2%) or narrow-band imaging1

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