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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Feb 16, 2015; 7(2): 102-109
Published online Feb 16, 2015. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v7.i2.102
Table 2 Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of propofol vs traditional sedation in endoscopy
Ref.ProceduresSedation comparedNo. of studies (cases)OR (95%CI) for adverse events
Qadeer et al[23], 2005EGD/colonoscopy/ERCP/EUSPropofol vs traditional sedation12 (1161)0.74 (0.44-1.24)
Singh et al[2], 2008ColonoscopyPropofol vs traditional sedation22Hypoxia: 0.69 (0.25-1.89); Hypotension: 1.03 (0.28-3.83)
Bo et al[21], 2011ERCPPropofol vs traditional sedation6 (663)1.69 (0.82-3.50)
Garewal et al[24], 2012ERCPPropofol vs traditional sedation4 (510)Narrative
Wang et al[1], 2013EGD/colonoscopy/ERCPPropofol vs traditional sedation22 (1798)0.90 (0.70-1.17)