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World J Hepatol. Mar 27, 2015; 7(3): 539-547
Published online Mar 27, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i3.539
Table 1 Studies evaluating the prevalence of hepatitis B virus infection in patients with inflammatory diseases
Ref.DiseaseCountryPublication yearNumber patientsHBcAbHBsAg
Biancone et al[7]IBDItaly2001494UC 11.5% CD 11%UC 0.64% CD 2.1%
Loras et al[9]IBDSpain20092056UC 8% CD 7.1%UC 0.8% CD 0.6%
Chevaux et al[10]IBDFrance2010315UC 1.6% CD 2.8%UC 1.59% CD 0.79%
Huang et al[3]IBDChina2014714UC 41.6% CD 39.8%UC 5.7% CD 5.3%
Kim et al[11]IBDSouth Korea2014513UC 4.1% CD 3.3%
Zou et al[13]RAChina201322311.2%
Watanabe et al[15]RAJapan2014765025.6%0.7%
Conway et al[12]RAIreland20142002%0%
Zheng et al[14]ASChina201143925.4%
Cohen et al[16]PsoriasisIsrael2010125020.74%
Table 2 Hepatitis B virus reactivations in patients treated with steroids
Ref.DiseaseStudyPatients (n)HBV status (n)Pre-emptive therapyHBV reactivations (n)
Cheng et al[58]Autoimmune diseasesCase report2CHB (1) RS (1)No2
Nakanishi et al[57]PolymyositisCase report1CHBNo1
Zanati et al[59]Mixed connective tissue diseaseCase report1CHBNo1
Bae et al[60]Rheumatoid arthritisCase report1CHBNo1
Li et al[61]Idiopathic nephrotic syndromeProspective41CHB (41)No21
Yang et al[62]Connective tissue diseaseRetrospective98CHB (21) Not applied (77)No4
Loras et al[39]IBDRetrospective25CHBNo6