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World J Hepatol. Jul 27, 2013; 5(7): 387-392
Published online Jul 27, 2013. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v5.i7.387
Table 1 Characteristics and outcome of the ten hepatitis B surface antigen (-)/anti-hepatitis B virus core antibody (+)/anti-hepatitis B virus surface antigen (-) patients (at baseline) who experienced hepatitis B virus reactivation after immunosuppressive therapy
No.Age, yr (at reactivation)SexDiseaseType of IMSMonths from start of IMS to HBV reactivationMonths from last treatment cycle to diagnosis of HBV reactivationHBV-DNA (IU/mL) at diagnosis of HBV reactivationALT/Bil/INR at diagnosis of HBV reactivationAntiviral treatmentSerology at end of follow-upOutcome
177MNHLC, Flud, R63 > 178570001472/3.22/1.3TenofovirAnti-HBc (+)Alive, response1
271MNHLCHOP-R81487934871/8.8/0.87EntecavirAnti-HBc (+)Liver related death
374MNHLC, Flud, R61131000073/0.7/0.97TenofovirNAAlive, response1
476MNHLR241 > 17857000374/0.44/1.22EntecavirNAAlive, response1
581MNHLCHOP-R3012660570737/1/1.37No treatment due to spontaneous seroconversionAnti-HBc (+)/anti-HBs (+) 22 IU/LAlive, response1
678MCastleman’s diseaseP, R121 (from last R cycle)42287201536/15.8/1.03LamivudineAnti HBc (+), anti- HBs (+) 189 IU/LNon-liver related death
782MCLLChl, R, C2217 (from last R cycle) > 178570003440/20.8/1.7TenofovirHBsAg (+), anti-HBc (+), HBeAg (+)Alive, response1
872MTemporal arteritisP, MTX60 > 17857000308/0.63/1.03TenofovirNAAlive, response1
975MDermatomyositisP, MTX, AZA, Cyc150126992657/1.47/0.86EntecavirAnti-HBc (+)/anti-HBe (+)Alive, response1
1053MKidney transplantationP, Cyc, Myc480 > 1785700028/0.96/0.98EntecavirHBsAg (+), anti-HBc (+), HBeAg (+)Alive, response1
1173FNHLCHOP-R94127000614/1.2/1.12LamivudineAnti-HBc (+) anti-HBs (+) 183 IU/LLiver related death
1268MHLABVD, CHOP-R, DHAP, HSC transplantation, BEAM2816 > 1785700049/1.1/1.01TenofovirHBsAg (+), anti-HBc (+), HBeAg(+)Alive, response1
1377MWaldenstrom’s macroglobulinemiaC, R363 (from last R cycle) > 178570002500/19/1.19TenofovirAnti-HBc (+)/anti-HBs (+) 579 IU/mLAlive, response1
1464FRAMTX, R242 (from last R cycle) > 1785700072/1.02/0.96EntecavirNAAlive, response1