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World J Hepatol. Dec 27, 2011; 3(12): 285-291
Published online Dec 27, 2011. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v3.i12.285
Table 1 Comparison of the four hepatitis E virus genotypes by select characteristics
CharactersticsGenotype 1Genotype 2Genotype3Genotype 4
Viral discovery1983198619952003
Geographic distributionDeveloping countriesMexico, West AfricaDeveloped countriesChina, Taiwan, Japan
Food-borne transmissionNoNoYesYes
Fecal-oral transmissionYesYes?No
Water-borne transmissionYesYes?No
Person-to-person transmissionYesUnknownYesUnknown
Zoonotic transmissionNoNoYesYes
Occurrence of epidemicsCommonSmaller scale epidemicsNo epidemicsUncommon
Highest attack rateYoung adultsYoung adultsPersons ≥ 40 yr of ageYoung adults
GenderMale preponderanceNot discriminatoryMostly maleNot discriminatory
Mortality rate0.5%-3%0.5%-3%Not determined0.5%-3%
Mortality among pregnant womenHighHighNot determinedHigh
Chronic infectionNoneNoneYesNone
Severe disease among immuno-compromisedNot reportedNot reportedYesNot reported
Interspecies transmissionOnly humans and non-human primatesOnly humans and non-human primatesHumansHumans