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World J Hepatol. Jun 18, 2017; 9(17): 757-770
Published online Jun 18, 2017. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v9.i17.757
Table 1 Features of CD4+ cell subsets
Produced CytokinesIFN-gama, TNF-alpha, IL-2IL-4, IL-5, IL-9, IL-10, IL-13IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-21, IL-22, IL-26TGF-beta, IL-10CXCR5, IL-21
Immune response mediated aginstIntracellular pathogensExtracellular parasites, allergy, humoral responseExtracellular bacteria and fungi, autoimmunityIgA secretion, self-toleranceDifferentiation of B cells
Master transcription factors for differentiationT-betGATA-3RORctFoxp3Bcl6
Effected cellsMacrophages, cytotoxic cells activatedEosinophils, mast cells activatedNeutrophils activatedB cells activated Th1, Th2, Th17 supressedB cells activated