Systematic Reviews
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World J Hepatol. Feb 8, 2016; 8(4): 231-262
Published online Feb 8, 2016. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i4.231
Table 8 Different classification systems for portal hypertensive gastropathy
McCormack et al[3]Fine pink speckling (scarlatina type rash)Discrete red spots (analogous to cherry
Superficial reddening, especially on rugal surface (striped appearance)red spots in esophagus)
Fine white reticular pattern separating areas of raised edematous mucosa (snake skin)Diffuse hemorrhagic gastritis
McCormick et al[7]Mosaic or snake skin appearancePresence of erythemaPresence of erosions or hemorrhagic gastritis
Tanoue et al[180]Mild reddening, congestive mucosa, no mosaic - like patternSevere redness and a fine reticular pattern separating the areas of raised edematous mucosa (mosaic-like pattern) or a fine specklingGrade III (severe)
Point bleeding + grade II (moderate)
Spina et al[70] (NIEC)Mosaic-pattern: Presence of small,Red point lesions (1 mm in diameter, flat)
polygonal areas surrounded by aCherry-red spots (2 mm, slight protrusion)
whitish-yellow depressed borderBlack-brown spots (irregularly shaped, persistently present after washing)
Sarin et al[8]Discrete cherry red spots, with or without mosaic patternPresence of confluent red spots, diffusely distributed in a large portion of the stomach
Sarin et al[181] (Baveno II Consensus Workshop)[181]Mild ≤ 3 points1Severe ≥ 4 points1
Gastric antral ectasia
Absent (0)
Present (2)
Yoo et al[182]Fine pink speckling (scarlatina type rash)Discrete red spots
2-category classificationSuperficial reddeningDiffuse hemorrhagic lesion
Mosaic pattern
Yoo et al[182]Mild reddeningFlat red spot in center of a pink areolaDiffusely red areola
3-category classificationCongestive mucosaSevere redness and a fine reticular patternPinpoint bleeding
Diffuse pink areolaDiscrete or confluent red mark lesion