Systematic Reviews
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World J Hepatol. Feb 8, 2016; 8(4): 231-262
Published online Feb 8, 2016. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i4.231
Table 3 Effects of variceal ligation on frequency of portal hypertensive gastropathy
Ref.No. of patients and etiologyStudy typePHG rate before variceal ligationPHG aggravation after variceal ligationP value of pre vs post EVL
Hou et al[73]90 patients with cirrhosis and recent variceal bleeding, 46 patients underwent EVLRandomized, controlled trialNo PHG-4, mild PHG-33, severe-PHG-9At eradication: 17/37; 17/37 (45.9%) in EVL; at 3 mo: 17/30 (56.7%); at 6 mo 18/29 (62.1%)P > 0.05
Elnaser et al[80]125 patients with upper GI bleeding undergoing variceal ligation, followed for mean of 31 moRetrospective study22/125 (17.6%)50/125 (50%)P < 0.05
Yüksel et al[41]114 patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension undergoing EVL in 85 patientsRetrospective study27/85 (31.8%) none; 28/85 (32.9%) mild; 30/85 (35.3%) severe14/85 (16.5%) none; 30/85 (35.3%) mild; 41/85 (48.2%) severeP < 0.05
Lo et al[81]77 patients with bleeding from EV underwent variceal ligation and were randomized to receive propranolol (37/77) or control (40/77); patients with severe PHG prior to treatment excluded from the studyProspective, randomized, controlled trialControl group: 7/40 (17%); propranolol group: 8/37 (22%)At variceal ligation: Control group: 67% (does not state number); Propranolol group: 31% (number not stated); 6 mo after treatment: Control group: 85% (number not stated) propranolol group: 48% (number not stated)Pre vs post ligation, both groups; P < 0.05; frequency of PHG significantly higher in control group post ligation when compared to propranolol group; P = 0.002
de la Peña et al[82]93 patients with history of variceal hemorrhage and cirrhosis, randomized to receive either EVS (46/88) or EVL (42/88); 5 patients excluded due to diagnosis of hepatoma, non-cirrhotic portal hypertension or portal vein thrombosisRandomized, prospective studyNot reportedPHG significantly worsened in 23 patients, including 17 patients undergoing EVLP < 0.01