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World J Hepatol. Apr 28, 2016; 8(12): 557-565
Published online Apr 28, 2016. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i12.557
Table 1 Main pharmacokinetic properties of the new direct-acting antivirals
DrugMolecular weightEffect of food on absorptionCytochrome P450 enzymes interaction
Binding to plasma proteinHalf-life
EnzymeEffect of the drug on the enzymeEffect of the enzyme on the drug
Sofosbuvir529.45 DaIncreased absorption, slower rateNONoneNone85%0.5 h/26 h1
Simeprevir749.93 DaIncreased absorption, slower rateCYP3A4InhibitorAlter AUC> 99.9%10-41 h
Daclatasvir738.98 DaDecreased absorption2CYP3A4Weak inducerAlter AUC> 99%12-15 h
Ledipasvir888.9 DaNo effectCYP3A4Weak inducerNone> 99.8%47 h
ViekiraxOmbitasvir894.1Increased absorptionCYP3A4InhibitorAlter AUC99.9%21-25 h
Paritaprevir765.8 Da98.6%5.5 h
Ritonavir720.9 Da99%4 h
Dasabuvir493.5 DaIncreased absorptionCYPC19InducerNone99.5% (94.5%3)6 h
CYP2C8NoneAlter AUC
CYP3A4NoneAlter AUC3