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World J Hepatol. May 8, 2015; 7(7): 980-992
Published online May 8, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i7.980
Table 3 Information of clinical trials of adoptive therapy on hepatocellular carcinoma after 2008
InterventionsDesignStart yearMain inclusion criteriaPrimary outcomesRegistered No.Status
Immuncell-LC: activated T lymphocytePhase III2008Stage I and II, complete resection within 12 wkEfficacy and safetyNCT00699816Completed
CIKPhase III2008After radical resection of HCC, no prior anti-cancer therapyTime to recurrenceNCT01749865Recruiting
CIKPhase III2008After radical resection, no prior anti-cancer treatmentTime to recurrenceNCT00769106Recruiting
Ex vivo expanded autologous immune killer cell, combined with TACEPhase II/III2009Never receive TACE treatment, BCLC stage B and C2-yr reduction of tumor cellsNCT01024530Unknown
NK cells, combined with liver transplantationPhase I2010After liver transplantation for HCCSide effectNCT01147380Ongoing, but not recruiting
Young TILPhase II2010Metastatic HCC with at least one lesion resectableTumor regression rateNCT01174121Recruiting
Autologous tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, combined with IL-2Phase I2011Metastatic HCCSafety and tolerabilityNCT01462903Unknown
CIK, combined with LicartinPhase IV2012Postoperative patients1-yr PFSNCT01758679Recruiting
Dendritic and cytokine-induced killer cellsPhase II2013After complete resection or TACEPFSNCT01821482Not yet recruiting
CTL induced by DC loaded with multiple antigensPhase I2013Complete tumor resection within 8 wk2-yr PFS and adverse eventsNCT02026362Recruiting
DC incubated with irradiated autologous tumor stem cells + GM-CSFPhase I2013Candidates for HCC resectionVital signs, physical examinations and adverse eventsNCT01828762Completed
Cord blood-derived CIKPhase I2013After radical resectionAdverse eventsNCT01914263Not yet recruiting
Autologous NKT cellsPhase I2013Advanced HCC, refractory to standard treatmentsAdverse eventsNCT01801852Recruiting
Immuncell-LC, combined with NexavarPhase II2013Stage III and IV, receiving or ready for Nexavar treatment2-yr PFSNCT01897610Recruiting
MG4101: ex vivo expanded allogeneic NK cellPhase II2013Stage III, after curative resection1-yr DFSNCT02008929Recruiting