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World J Hepatol. Apr 28, 2015; 7(6): 831-845
Published online Apr 28, 2015. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v7.i6.831
Table 2 Main features of intergenotype, intersubtype and intrapatient recombination in hepatitis C virus published cases
StrainGenotypeCountryRecombination breakpoint(s)Ref.
RF1_2k/1b2k/1bRussia, Ireland, Uzbekistan, Georgia, France, Cyprus, EstoniaNS2, positions 3175-3176[124-129]
D32i/6pViet NamNS2/NS3 junction, between positions 3405 and 3464[130]
SE-03-07-1689RF3_2b/1bPhilippinesNS3, positions 3466-3467[137]
HC10-08042b/1bJapanNS2/NS3 junction, positions 3443-3444[135]
B5808, M2123, M4430, M4416, M4414, M4431, M2777, M87742b/1bJapanNS2, putative position 3301[136]
R12/5FranceNS2/NS3 junction, between residues 3420 and 3440[132]
D177RF_2b/6w RF_3a/1b RF_2a/1aTaiwan Taiwan, China TaiwanNS2/NS3 junction, position 3429 Undetermined Undetermined[131,133]
JF7796792b/1aUnited StatesNS2/NS3 junction, positions 3405-3416[134]
PE22RF2_1b/1aPeruNS5B, position 8321[141]
H231b/1aUruguayCore, at position 387[111]
HC-J11a/1cJapan2 sites in E1-E2, at positions 1407 and 2050[142]
Khajal1a/1cIndia5 sites, from core to NS3, at positions 801 1261, 2181, 3041 and 3781[143]
EU2469306a/6oViet NamNS5B, between positions 8345-9073[144]
EU2469326e/6oViet NamNS5B, between positions 8358-8977[144]
EU2469376n/6oThailandNS5B, between positions 8372-9033[144]
EU2469316e/6hViet NamNS5B, between positions 8356-9019[144]
1bSpainNS5B, at residue 286[145]
1a, 1b, 3aSpain1 or 2 sites within E1-E2 or NS5A[146]
4aIrelandE2 glycoprotein, HVR1 region[147]