Case Report
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World J Hepatol. May 27, 2023; 15(5): 715-724
Published online May 27, 2023. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v15.i5.715
Table 1 Summary table of reported cases of the liver cerebrospinal pseudocysts in patients with ventriculoperitoneal shunts
Cyst location
Etiology of hydrocephalus
Follow-up (wk)
Current case202349MIntra-axialCongenitalRobotic laparoscopic pseudocyst fenestration, partial hepatectomy, and a repositioning of VPS4Complete resolution of symptoms without any complications
Achufusi et al[5]202039FN/ACongenitalLaparotomy with pseudocyst drainage followed by removal of VPS and insertion of new VPSComplete resolution of pseudocyst; no recurrence
Arsanious and Sribnick[8] 201921FN/AMeningitisLaparotomy and pseudocyst drainage with externalization and repositioning of VPS6Complete resolution of pseudocyst; no recurrence
Koide et al[6]201912MExtra-axialMyelomeningoceleUS-PCA of pseudocyst with externalization of VPS followed by reinsertion of new VPS3Complete resolution of pseudocyst; no recurrence
Bettis et al[7]201956MIntra-axialTraumaN/AN/AN/A
Canaz et al[9]201734FExtra-axialNPHLaparotomy and pseudocyst drainage followed by repositioning of VPS36Spontaneous resolution of hepatic CSF pseudocysts
Canaz et al[9]201725FExtra-axialMeningitisLaparotomy and pseudocyst drainage followed by repositioning of VPS24Pseudocysts were spontaneously reabsorbed and post op CSF culture showed cyst fluid was sterile
Tomiyama et al[10]201450FN/ASAHVPS removal and reinsertion and cyst drainage8No recurrence of intraperitoneal pseudocyst on post-operative abdominal scans and improvement in hydrocephalus on brain CT
Dabdoub et al[4]201340MIntra-axialTraumaVPS removal and reinsertion and cyst drainage36No clinical recurrence of hepatic CSF pseudocysts
Verma et al[11]201235MIntra- and extra-axialTumorPseudocyst aspiration and externalization of shunt followed by reinsertion3Complete resolution of cyst on abdominal ultrasound
Berkmann et al[13]201134FN/ACongenitalLaparoscopic shunt removal and new shunt re-insertion24No recurrence and no adverse events
Peltier et al[12]201149MExtra-axialMeningitisUltrasound guided aspiration and repositioning of shunt1Complete resolution of the cyst; no recurrence
Faraj et al[3]201118MIntra-axialBacterial meningitisLaparotomy and pseudocyst drainage followed by repositioning of shuntN/APatient made a full recovery
Kolić et al[14]201030FIntra-axialSAHUltrasound guided aspiration and external ventricular drainage4Patient died due to sepsis- 1 mo after hepatic CSF pseudocyst drainage
Aparici-Robles and Molina-Fabrega[15]200822-50F (4), M (2)Intra-axialAbscess; tumor; meningitis; and SAHLaparotomy with pseudocyst drainage and repositioning of shuntRelapse in 2 out of 6 patients (5-6 mo)
Banka et al[17]20077MN/AMyelomeningoceleRepositioning of shunt
Kaplan et al[16]200710FExtra-axialTumorLaparotomy and pseudocyst drainage followed by repositioning of shunt
Hsieh et al[18]200639MExtra-axialTraumaExternalization of shunt followed by reinsertionPatient made full recovery and cysts were fully resolved (1 mo)
Koçak et al[28]200415FExtra-axialTuberculosis meningitisUltrasound aspiration and distal end removal followed by new shunt reinsertionAlmost complete resolution of the cyst observed after 1 wk
Chitkara et al[19]20045FIntra-axialNoncommunicatingExternalization of shunt followed by reinsertionFollow up done at 3 mo- patient was entirely asymptomatic and cyst had completely resolved
Kumar et al[20]199523MN/AMeningitisUltrasound aspiration and distal end removal
Engelhard and Miller[21]199220MN/ACongenitalRemoval of shunt and reinsertion
Wang and Miller[22]19893MExtra-axialCongenitalPseudocyst resection and distal end revisionN/A
Touho et al[24]198766MN/ATraumaRepositioning of shunt
Wolbers et al[23]198729FExtra-axialTumorRepositioning of shuntPatient made full recovery(2 yrs)
Rana et al[25]198512MIntra-axialTumorRepositioning of shuntComplete resolution of cyst in follow up CT scan
Latchaw and Hahn[26]198140MIntra-axialAqueductal stenosisDrainage of hepatic pseudocyst and repositioning of the shunt
Fischer and Shillito[27]19693FExtra-axialAqueductal stenosisDrainage of hepatic pseudocyst and lumboperitoneal shuntPatient did not experience or report any adverse complications (10 mo)