Systematic Reviews
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World J Hepatol. Nov 27, 2021; 13(11): 1802-1815
Published online Nov 27, 2021. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v13.i11.1802
Table 2 Characteristics of included studies
Study design
UVC with PVT
UVC without PVT
Dwel time UVC with PVT
Dwel time UVC without PVT
Indication to UVC control
Type of imaging
Levit et al[42], 2020Prospective12016N/AN/AClinical SuspicionX-ray + USUnited States
Dubbink-Verheij et al[31], 2020Prospective1327N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USThe Netherlands
Chen et al[15], 2020Retrospective71320N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USTaiwan
Hwang et al[46], 2020Retrospective1554N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USSouth Korea
Çakır et al[38], 2020Prospective138310.5 ± 4.3112.2 ± 4.11ScreeningX-ray + USTurkey
Cabannes et al[32], 2018Prospective5153N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USFrance
Derinkuyu et al[5], 2018Prospective15229N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USTurkey
Chandrashekhar et al[45], 2015Prospective327N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USIndia
Michel et al[37], 2012Prospective259N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + US + EchocardiographyFrance
Gharehbaghi et al[39], 2011Prospective5159N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USIran
Sakha et al[41], 2007Prospective17332 ± 1.121N/AScreeningUSIran
Turebylu et al[21], 2007Prospective226N/A6ScreeningX-ray + USUnited States
Kim et al[30], 2001Prospective4357> 6 d in 23/43> 6 d in 6/57ScreeningX-ray + USSouth Korea
Boo et al[44], 1999Prospective057N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USMalaysia
Schwartz et al[40], 1997Prospective19934 (0-12)2ScreeningX-ray + USUnited States
Yadav et al[43], 1993Prospective715N/AN/AScreeningX-ray + USIndia