Opinion Review
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World J Stem Cells. Feb 26, 2020; 12(2): 100-109
Published online Feb 26, 2020. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v12.i2.100
Table 1 Exosomes derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
In vitro studyIn vivo study (animal model / clinical use)ResultsRef.
Liver disease+Liver injury model (Rat)Improves liver regeneration and recoveryDamania et al[23], 2018
Liver disease+Liver fibrosis model (Rat)Reduces liver fibrosisRong et al[24], 2019
Intervertebral disc degeneration-Tail model (Rat)Prevents disc degeneration progressionLiao et al[25], 2019
Intervertebral disc degeneration+IDD model (Rabbit)Prevents the progression of degeneration via anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effectsXia et al[26], 2019
Cancer+Xenografted with glioblastoma cells (Nude mice)Improves glioblastomaWang et al[27], 2019
Cancer+Pancreatic cancer cells xenografted (Nude mice)Inhibits cancer developmentWu et al[28], 2019
Bone regeneration+Calvarian defect (Rat)Promotes bone regeneration and neovascularizationZhu et al[30], 2019
Graft vs host disease+GvHD model (Mouse)Enhances Treg production in vitro and in vivoZhang et al[34], 2018
Graft vs host disease+GvHD model (Mouse)Ameliorates aGvHD via the therapeutic infusion of BM MSC-ExFuji et al[33], 2018
Graft vs host disease-Clinical patientPatient stable for several months after exosome applicationKordelas et al[32], 2014
Table 2 Exosomes derived from adipose mesenchymal stem cells
ConditionIn vitro studyIn vivo study (animal model / clinical use)ResultsRef.
Atopic dermatitis-Atopic dermatitis model (Mouse)Reduces clinical symptomsCho et al[35], 2018
Acute cutaneous wound healing-Acute cutaneous wound healing (Nude mice)Promotes fibroblast activities, re-epithelialization, vascularization in wound healingLiu et al[36], 2019
Wound healing+Mouse full-thickness incision wound modelAccelerates wound healing by optimizing fibroblast functionZhang et al[37], 2018
Corneal stromal cells+-Role of ASC-Ex in corneal stromal cell and extra cellular matrix remodelingShen et al[38], 2018
Apoptosis in cardiomyocyte caused by oxidative stress+-Prevents apoptosisLiu et al[39], 2019
Ovarian cancer+-Ovarian cancer cells inhibited by exosomesReza et al[40], 2016
Neural injury+-Could inhibit the activation of microglia cells and prevent neuroinflammationFeng et al[41], 2019
Table 3 Exosomes derived from umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells
ConditionIn vitro studyIn vivo study (animal model / clinical use)ResultsRef.
Cutaneous wound healing+Wound model (Rat)Proangiogenic effectZhang et al[42], 2015
Bone healing+Femoral fracture model (Rat)Accelerated fracture healing via the promotion of angiogenesisZhang et al[43], 2019
Bone healing-Fracture model (Rat)Repairs fractures in rats through the Wnt signaling pathwayZhou et al[44], 2019
Inflammatory bowel disease+Inflammatory bowel disease model (Mouse)Alleviates induced inflammatory bowel diseaseMao et al[45], 2017
Acute liver failure+Liver injury model (Mouse)Decreases acute liver failure in that modelJiang et al[49], 2019
Colitis+Colitis model (Mouse)Improves colon damage in an animal disease model and has immunosuppressive effects in vitroMa et al[46], 2019
Autoimmune uveitis+Autoimmune uveitis model (Rat)Ameliorates autoimmune uveitis by inhibiting the migration of inflammatory cellsBai et al[47], 2017
Idiopathic macular hole-Clinical patients (5)May improve anatomic and visual outcomes of surgery for that diseaseZhang et al[48], 2018
Myocardial infarction+Myocardial infarction model (Rat)UcMSC-Ex encapsulated in a functional peptide hydrogel could be effective for cardiac regenerationHan et al[50], 2019