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World J Stem Cells. Jul 26, 2015; 7(6): 899-921
Published online Jul 26, 2015. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v7.i6.899
Table 1 Stem cell-derived neurons characterized for synaptic activity
Cell typeSourceTechnical approachPost-synaptic measurement(days after differentiation)Additional notesRef.
ESCHuman (BG01, BG03)Stromal cell factors appliedmEPSCs (21)Also dopaminergic[254]
Continued expression of NPC marker Msx1
Human (WiCell H9, H1)SHH application on ESCs or NPCsmEPSCs, mIPSCs (30)Also dopaminergic[110]
Human (H9 and SA121)Dual SMAD inhibition, variable SHH, several additional neurotrophic factorssEPSCs, sIPSCs (35)SHH concentration-dependent GABAergic and glutamatergic, or dopaminergic fates[240]
Mouse (R1)RA treatment, suspension culturemEPSCs, mIPSCs (21)[6,59,226]
Mouse (J1)FACS sorting for dopaminergic NPCs, SHH treatmentsEPSCs (22)Also dopaminergic[255]
NSCHuman (NSI-566RSC from fetal spinal cord)9 component differentiation mediamEPSCs (12-48)[256]
Mouse (Adult C57/Bl6 SEZ)BDNF treatmentmEPSCs, mIPSCs (11-28)Perforated patch recording[171]
iPSCHuman (normal and ALS fibroblasts)Dual SMAD inhibition, RA and purmorphamine treatmentsEPSCs (21-42)sEPSCs only detected with picrotoxin and 4-aminopyridine[86]
Human (normal and AD fibroblasts)FACS sorting of NPCs, BDNF, GDNF and cAMP treatmentmIPSCs, mEPSCs (26)Currents detected in approximately 40% of cells[148]
iNHuman (postnatal and adult fibroblasts)Two-stage Dox, bFGF, Noggin, GDNF, BDNF, forskolin treatmentsmEPSCs (30)Currents detected in 25%-43% of converted cells[158]
Mouse (perinatal tail tip fibroblasts)Glial co-culture, FACS sortingsEPSCs (15-27)[156,157]
ESC + iPSCHuman (HES3, BioTime ESI, and WiCell H9 ESCs + melanocyte hiPSCs)5 morphogenic factors, FACS sorting, glial co-culturesIPSCs (42-84)% of cells with currents increases over time[28]
Implanted neurons also received EPSCs
Human (HUES9 ESCs + fibroblast hiPSCs)Noggin and dorsomorphin treatment, recombinant human Dkk1 treatment of hiPSC EBs, glial co-culturemEPSCs (35)Currents detected in 33% of differentiated ESCs and 46% of differentiated iPSCs tested[111]
Human (WiCell H9 and SHEF4 ESCs + fibroblast hiPSCs)3% O2mEPSCs (35)Mature AMPA and GABA profiles[47,116]