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World J Stem Cells. Jul 26, 2020; 12(7): 527-544
Published online Jul 26, 2020. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v12.i7.527
Table 1 Differentiation potential of transposon-mediated induced pluripotent stem cells
SpeciesCell typeTransposon systemReprogramming factorsDifferentiation
Characterization of lineage specific differentiated cells through
ChimeraGermline contributionRef.
In vitroIn vivoHistologyExpression of gene/protein
BatFetal fibroblastsPBHuman OKSMNL + NR5A2, and bat-specific miR302/367EBsTeratomaYesYesNANAMo et al[27], 2014
BuffaloFetal fibroblastsPBHuman OSKMNLEBsNANAYes (ectoderm- NF-68 and Cytokeratin 8; mesoderm- MSX1 and endoderm- GATA4)NANAKumar et al[32], 2019
CattleFetal fibroblastsPB SBHuman OSKMNL Murine OSKMEBsTeratomaYesYes (Ectoderm- β III-Tubulin, Nestin; Mesoderm- Vimentin and Endoderm- AFP, GATA, PAX6NANATalluri et al[30], 2015
Fetal fibroblastsPBBovine OSKMEBsTeratomaYesYes (Ectoderm- β III-Tubulin; Mesoderm-α-SMA and endoderm- AFP)NANAZhao et al[31], 2017
HorseFetal fibroblastsPBMurine OSKMEBsTeratomaYesNANANANagy et al[26], 2011
HumanSkin fibroblastsPBOSKMLEBs, KeratinocyteTeratomaNAYes (ectoderm- K14; mesoderm- desmin and endoderm- AFP)Ethically not allowedEthically not allowedIgawa et al[116], 2014
Fetal fibroblastsSBMurine OSKMEBsNANAYes (Ectoderm- β III-Tubulin, Nestin; Mesoderm- Vimentin and Endoderm- AFPEthically not allowedEthically not allowedDavis et al[20], 2013
MonkeySkin fibroblastsPBMonkey OSKMNLEBsTeratomaYesYes (Ectoderm- β III-Tubulin; Mesoderm- SMA and Endoderm- AFPNANADebowski et al[28], 2015
MouseFetal fibroblastsPBMurine OSKMEBsTeratomaYesNAYesYesYusa et al[115], 2009
Fetal fibroblastsSBMurine OSKMEBsTeratomaNAYes (cardiac-cTnT and desmin and neuronal- nestin and Tuj1)YesYesMuenthaisong et al[21], 2012
PigFetal fibroblastsSBMurine OSKMNeuronal lineageTeratomaYesYesNANAKues et al[25], 2013
Prairie voleFetal fibroblastsPBMurine OSKMNLEBsTeratomaYesNANANAKatayama et al[114], 2016
RatFetal fibroblastsPBOSKMEBs, chondrocyteNANANANANAYe et al[29], 2015