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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 28, 2024; 30(8): 969-983
Published online Feb 28, 2024. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v30.i8.969
Table 1 The top 15 most cited scholars in gastric organoid field
1Clevers, Hans305144Netherland0.08
2Huch, Meritxell103987German0.04
3Van es, Johan73244Netherland0.00
4Van de Wetering, Marc63175Netherland0.00
5Sato, Toshiro143141Japan0.08
6Stange, Daniel121764German0.01
7Barker, Nick131707Netherland0.03
8Koo, Bon-kyoung151618Netherland0.25
9Bartfeld, Sina131405German0.03
10Zavros, Yana461312United States0.04
11Wells, James221040United States0.01
12Spence, Jason7973United States0.00
13Peek, Richard5715United States0.05
14Schumacher, Michael6657Japan0.00
15Chen, Zheng12615United States0.03
Table 2 The top 15 most cited institutions in gastric organoid field
1University Medical Center UtrechtNetherland1950830.18
2Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology UtrechtNetherland830640.00
3University of CincinnatiUnited States3314510.25
4University of Hong KongHongkong, China611480.08
5University of MichiganUnited States2211040.04
6Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical CenterUnited States169990.07
7Columbia UniversityUnited States119860.05
8Vanderbilt UniversityUnited States229410.25
9Stanford UniversityUnited States118810.02
10Cambridge UniversityUnited Kingdom77580.08
11Harvard UniversityUnited States127310.08
12Shinshu UniversityJapan176250.07
13Keio UniversityJapan136020.13
14Nanjing med UniversityChina146000.20
15Miami UniversityUnited States75560.00
Table 3 The 20 most popular keywords in the field of gastric organoids
Gastric cancer1770.06
Stem cell1100.04
Cancer stem cell450.10
Helicobacter pylori320.01
Epithelial cell270.16
Progenitor cell180.04
Gene expression180.05
Chief cell170.04
Epithelial mesenchymal transition140.02
Table 4 The typical labels in each cluster
Cluster label
0Stem cell2015Stem cell; cancer; differentiation; model; acid gastric cancer; signet ring carcinoma; matrix metalloproteinase; spdef; transcription factor; stem cell; regeneration; gastric cancer; progenitor; in vitro expansion
1Mouse2018Gastric cancer; transcription factor; regeneration; tumor suppressor genes; identification in vitro; expansion; liver; leptin deficiency; en-y gastric bypass; mouse; liver; infection; bariatric surgery; gastrointestinal cancer
2Noncanonical nuclear factor-kappa B2019Gastric cancer; her2; capecitabine; open label; oxaliplatin drug screening; cancer organoids; precision medicine; Helicobacter pylori; living biobanks; cancer organoids; organoid; drug screenin; tptep1; secretion
3Gastric cancer2013Gene; differentiation; receptor; lgr5; r spondin, gastric cancer; morphogenetic protein; epidermal growth factor receptor; Helicobacter pylori; tissue engineering; tumor microenvironment; receptor; gastric intestinal metaplasia; gene; csc markers (6.04, 0.05)
4Targeted therapy2016Gastric cancer; cancer stem cell; endothelial growth; mammary stem cell; gastric cancers, cancer stem cells; translational research; tumor suppressor genes; gastric organoids; cancer microenvironment; abcg2; cancer stem cell; lgr4; acbp-3; cycle arrest
5Polypeptide expression2017Cancer; progression; microenvironment; mmp 9; angiogenesis, gene expression; endoderm; gastrointestinal tract; mouse small intestine; gata4; gene expression; angiogenesis; epstein barr virus; toripalimab; mmp 9
6Cell2015Goblet cell carcinoid; crypt cell adenocarcinoma; appendix; mucinous; neuroendocrine; amphophilic; crypt cell adenocarcinoma; appendix; amphophilic; mucinous; neuroendocrine
7Expression2012Survival; tumor suppressor; her2; poor prognosis; amplification, organoids; stomach; chemotherapy; gastroids; proliferation; amplification; gastroids; myc; inactivation; conditional mouse model
8Synthetic lethality2019Gastric cancer; gastric organoids; gland fission; gastric stem cells; mtor; mtor; gland fission; gastric stem cells; gastric organoids; gastric cancer
9Autophagy2014Gastric cancer; Helicobacter pylori; base excision repair; stomach neoplasms; gastric stem cells, nf kappa; trefoil protein; Helicobacter pylori; robust model; atrophic gastritis; NF kappa b; Helicobacter pylori; inflammation; antral epithelium; dynamic histology
10Cancer organoids2020Gastric cancer; resistance; cancer; cetuximab; heterogeneity, cancer stem cell; lauren classification; mucin phenotype expression; cluster; transcription factor; gastric cancer; cd44; stomach; cancer stem cell; chemoresistance
11Tumor microenvironment2017Gastric cancer; t-cell infiltration; recombinant protein; precision oncology; cancer model, stem cell; stomach; promote; cancer; gene expression; targeted therapy; self-renewa; promote; anti-egfr single domain antibody; cancer evolution
12abcg 22012Gastric cancer; cancer stem cells; Helicobacter pylori; beta catenin; wound repair identification; stem cell; expression; inhibition; stomach; polypeptide expressing metaplasia; contribute; network; immune response; inhibition
13Gene expression2013Gastric cancer; drug sensitivity; shaker; albumin-bound paclitaxel; stomach, breast cancer; model; growth; drug; identification; cell; breast cancer; growth; recombinant protein; irgd
14Crypt cell adenocarcinoma2018Expression; stomach; stem cell; identification; progenitor cell, gastric cancer; stem cells; cancer biology; beta-galactoside alpha; sialic acid; expression; identification; pathogenesis; metaplasia; progenitor cell
15Amplification2015Gastric cancer; cell adhesion; cell matrix interaction; magnetic resonance imaging; hereditary diffuse gastric cancer, synthetic lethality; discoidin domain receptor; diffuse gastric cancer; magnetic resonance imaging; hereditary diffuse gastric cancer; synthetic lethality; hdgc; e cadherin; e-cadherin; chemoprevention
16mTOR2015Gastric cancer; stem-like subtype; adult mouse; cluster; cathepsin c ovarian; shaker; dynamic; fluid; peritoneal; autophagy; hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha; cancer; metastasis; fibroblasts
Table 5 The Top10 co-cited literature
Bartfeld et al[6], 2015In vitro expansion of human gastric epithelial stem cells and their responses to bacterial infectionGastroenterology500.10
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