Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 21, 2021; 27(3): 294-304
Published online Jan 21, 2021. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v27.i3.294
Table 1 Clinical features of 24 previous cases of dissemination after endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration
NoAuthor [ref.], year Primary lesion
size, mm
Initial therapy
Cystic lesion
Puncture site
Passes, n
Interval from EUS-FNA, mo
size, mm
1Hirooka et al[12], 2003 IPMC20PbDP+LG(+)Trans-gastric0G/Wserosa7Died 25 mo after surgery
2Paquin et al[13], 2005 IPMC8PtDP(+)Trans-gastric521G/W30Palliative ChemotherapyDied 12 mo after diagnosis
3Ahmed et al[14], 2011 PDACPbMPAdj gefinitiveRadiation(+)Trans-gastricmultiple48G/W45TGDied of another malignancy
4Chong et al[15], 2011 IDC28PtDP(+)Trans-gastric226G/W40
5Katanuma et al[16], 2012 IDC20PbDP(-)Trans-gastric422G/W
6Ngamruengphong et al[9], 2013 IDCPb, PtSubtotal PancreatomyRadiation(+)Trans-gastric327G/W
7Ngamruengphong et al[9], 2013 IDC40PtDP+LGAdj Chemoradiation(+)Trans-gastric326G/W
8Sakurada et al[17], 2015 Adeno-squamous25PbDP(-)Trans-gastric19G/W20LGNo recurrence after 16 mo follow-up
9Tomonari et al[18], 2015 IDC20PbDPAdj S-1(-)Trans-gastric228G/W32Subtotal Gastrectomy
10Minaga et al[19], 2015 IDC20PtDP(-)Trans-gastric38G/W12LG
11Hirohito et al[20], 2015 IDC20PbGEM⇒S-1(-)Trans-gastric49G/W16Palliative ChemotherapyDied 11 mo after diagnosis
12Yamauchi et al[21], 2016 IDC25PbDP(-)Trans-gastric123G/W30LG
13Iida et al[22], 2016 IDCDP(-)Trans-gastric36G/W18DGAdj S-1Recurrence after 21 mo follow-up
14Kita et al[23], 2016 IDCPb, PtRadiation(-)Trans-gastric27G/W
15Minaga et al[24], 2016 IDC10PbDP(-)Trans-gastric24G/W30
16Yamabe et al[25], 2016 IPMC30PbGEM(+)Trans-gastric3G/W24Palliative ChemotherapyDied 26 months after diagnosis
17Yasumoto et al[26], 2018 IDC10PbDPAdj S-1(-)Trans-gastric22G/WLG
19Sakamoto et al[27], 2018 IDC38PtDPAdj S-1+Gem(-)Trans-gastric224G/W20LG
18Matsumoto et al[28], 2018 IDC25PbChemotherapy(-)Trans-gastric38G/WDP+LG
20Matsui et al[29], 2019 IDC15PbDPPartial Gx(-)Trans-gastric40G/WserosaAdj S-1Recurrence 6 mo after surgery; Died 18 mo after surgery
21Matsui et al[29], 2019IDC15PbDP+LG(-)Trans-gastric10G/WserosaAdj S-1No recurrence after 18 mo follow-up
22Sato et al[30], 2020 IDC25PbDPAdj S-1(-)Trans-gastric225G/W23LGNo recurrence after 5 mo follow-up
23Yamaguchi et al[31], 2020 SPN60PbDP(+)Trans-gastric460G/W40DG
24Current caseIDC16PbDP(-)Trans-gastric40PeritoneumCancerous peritonitis and liver metastasis 5 mo after surgeryDied 8 mo after surgery

  • Citation: Kojima H, Kitago M, Iwasaki E, Masugi Y, Matsusaka Y, Yagi H, Abe Y, Hasegawa Y, Hori S, Tanaka M, Nakano Y, Takemura Y, Fukuhara S, Ohara Y, Sakamoto M, Okuda S, Kitagawa Y. Peritoneal dissemination of pancreatic cancer caused by endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration: A case report and literature review. World J Gastroenterol 2021; 27(3): 294-304
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