Observational Study
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World J Gastroenterol. May 21, 2021; 27(19): 2376-2393
Published online May 21, 2021. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v27.i19.2376
Table 1 Comparison of the general information among the three groups of individuals
Control group (n = 10)
Non-sepsis group (n = 10)
Sepsis group (n = 10)
H/F/χ2/Z/t value
P value
Age (yr, mean ± SD)55 (48.75, 55.25)59 (50.00, 74.00)a63.50 (44.75, 76.25)a,b2.050.36
BMI (kg/m2, mean ± S)23.95 ± 2.0427.19 ± 4.40a23.91 ± 4.09a,b2.640.09
Underlying disease (cases)0.840.65
Multiple injuries34
Malignant tumor53
Other diseases23
Type of operation (cases)0.001.00
Surgery on abdominal hollow viscera-55
Surgery on non-abdominal hollow viscera-55
APACHE II score on day 1 [points, M (P25, P75)]-10.00 (7.00, 17.00)19.00 (15.25, 21.50)−2.400.02
SOFA score on day 1 (points, mean ± SD)-3.30 ± 1.4210.80 ± 2.97−7.200.00
Table 2 General clinical information of the patients in the sepsis group
Patient No.
Primary infection site
Surgical site
Categories of antibiotics used within 7 d after admission to the ICU
S1Lungs-Broad-spectrum penicillins
S2Abdominal cavityHollow visceraCarbapenems + glycopeptides
S3LungsHollow visceraCarbapenems + oxazolidinones
S4LungsJointBroad-spectrum penicillins + carbapenems
S5AbdomenHollow visceraBroad-spectrum penicillins + glycopeptides
S6Lungs-Broad-spectrum penicillins + tetracyclines
S7Lungs-Carbapenems + broad-spectrum penicillins
S8Abdominal cavity-Carbapenems
S9Abdominal cavityHollow visceraCarbapenems
S10Abdominal cavityHollow visceraCarbapenems + glycopeptides
Table 3 Pathogenic bacteria isolated in the sepsis group
Pathogenic bacteria
Cultured sample
Patient No.
Corresponding sample collection time (day n after admission to the ICU)
Acinetobacter baumanniiSputumS5, S6, S84, 13, 23
Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaSputumS6, S71, 8
Escherichia coliBloodS71
Table 4 Statistical comparison of the α-diversity indexes of the intestinal flora in the three groups of individuals
α-diversity indexP value
Control-median vs non-sepsis-medianControl-median vs sepsis-medianNon-sepsis-median vs sepsis-median
Observed OTUs0.0010.0020.623
Table 5 Variation in the α-diversity indexes of the intestinal flora in patients with sepsis within 1 wk of treatment (days 1, 3, and 7 after intensive care unit admittance)
α-diversity indexP value
Day 1 vs day 3Day 1 vs day 7Day 3 vs day 7
Observed OTUs0.1770.3840.623