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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 7, 2020; 26(41): 6304-6321
Published online Nov 7, 2020. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v26.i41.6304
Table 1 Drugs currently in phase 3 investigation trials for the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis according to
Drug name
Mechanism of action
Estimated completion
Resmetirom (MGL-3196)Thyroid hormone receptor agonistMarch 2024[MAESTRO-NASH] NCT03900429
DapaglifozinSGLT-2 inhibitorNovember 2021[DEAN] NCT03723252
AramcholSCD1 inhibitorDecember 2024[ARMOR] NCT04104321
CenicrivirocCCR2-CCR5 antagonistOctober 2028[AURORA] NCT03028740
ElafibranorPPAR agonistDecember 2021[RESOLVE-IT] NCT02704403
Obeticholic acidFXR agonistOctober 2022[REGENERATE] NCT02548351
Table 2 Drugs currently in clinical trials for the treatment of various etiologies of hepatic fibrosis according to
Drug name
Mechanism of action
Clinical phase
Candesartan + RamiprilAngiotensin II receptor Antagonist, ACE inhibitorHCV3NCT03770936
PirfenidoneAnti-inflammatory + AntifibroticMultiple2[PROMETEO] NCT04099407
BMS-986036, PegbelferminPEG-FGF21AnalogNASH F32[FALCON 1] NCT03486899
NASH + Compensated, Cirrhosis2[FALCON 2] NCT03486912
Aldafermin (NGM282)FGF19 AnalogNASH2NCT02443116
CC-90001JNK inhibitorNASH F3/F42NCT04048876
EntecavirReverse transcriptase inhibitorHBV4NCT02849132
Entecavir + Fuzheng Huaya + TCM granuleReverse transcriptase inhibitor + Traditional Chinese medicineHBV4NCT02241616
Tropifexor + LicoglifozinFXR agonist + SGLT 1 and 2 inhibitorNASH F2/F32[ELIVATE] NCT04065841
Tropifexor + CenicrivirocFXR agonist + CCR2-CCR5 antagonistNASH F2/F32[TANDEM] NCT03517540
NitazoxanideAnti-protazoalNASH F2/F32NCT03656068
Mesenchymal stem cellsUmbilical cord mesenchymal stem cellsHBV + Decompensated cirrhosis2NCT03945487
GXHPC1Adipose-derived stem cellsCirrhosis of multiple etiologies2NCT04088058
G-CSFGranulocyte colony stimulating factorDecompensated cirrhosis of multiple etiologies2/3NCT03911037
Mesenchymal stem cellsAutologous bone marrow mesenchymal SCsCirrhosis of multiple etiologies2NCT03626090
ADR-001Adipose-derived stem cellsHCV or NASH Cirrhosis2NCT03254758
CD 34 + MSCsAutologous hematopoietic and mesenchymal SCsCirrhosis of multiple etiologies4NCT04243681
SimvastatinHMG-CoA Reductase InhibitorCirrhosis of multiple etiologies2NCT02968810
ORMD-0801Oral insulin formulationNASH + Type 2 Diabetes2NCT02653300
AtorvastatinHMG-CoA reductase inhibitorCirrhosis of multiple etiologies4[STATLiver] NCT04072601
Aldafermin (NGM282)FGF19 analogNASH F2/F3; NASH + Compensated cirrhosis2; 2[ALPINE 2/3] NCT03912532; [ALPINE 4] NCT04210245
Obeticholic acidFXR agonistPBC + Hepatic impairment4NCT03633227
Stem cellAutologous bone marrow mononuclear stem cellsLiver cirrhosis + Biliary atresia2NCT03468699
VK2809Thyroid receptor agonistNASH2[VOYAGE] NCT04173065
Spironolactone + CarvedilolAldosterone antagonist + Beta receptor blockerCompensated cirrhosis4NCT02907749
CenicrivirocCCR2-CCR5 antagonistNASH + Completion of CENTAUR and AURORA Study2NCT03059446
Selonsertib + Firsocostat + Cilofexor + Fenofibrate + Vascepa®ASK 1 inhibitor + ACC inhibitor + FXR agonist + Anti-lipid + Anti-lipidNAFLD, NASH2NCT02781584
ErlotinibTyrosine kinase inhibitorFibrosis, Cirrhosis1/2NCT02273362
Saroglitizar PPAR agonistNAFLD, NASH2NCT03061721