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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 7, 2020; 26(29): 4182-4197
Published online Aug 7, 2020. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v26.i29.4182
Table 1 Glossary and explanation of digital health terms
eHealth, electronic healthGeneric term for digitalization in health care and the associated applications of ICT
ICTTechnologies used for communication, storage, processing and evaluation of data
Telemedicine/telehealthThe physical distance between the medical service provider and recipient is bridged by the use of ICT, e.g., teleradiology
Mobile health, mHealthMedical applications that can be accessed from mobile devices (e.g., tablets, mobile phones, smart watches)
Electronic patient file, electronic health record[11]The central storage of patient data, which can be accessed by different authorized persons independent of the location
Health apps, medicical appsSpecial software programs/applications for mobile devices that serve medical issues. The transition to fitness apps is partly fluent
Table 2 Examples for use of mobile health applications and medical apps
Type and mechanismExamplePossible benefits or harms
Patient educationTeaching app for bowel preparation before colonoscopyImprovement in results, reduction of costs
TelemedicineVideo or online consultationLow barrier accessibility of specialists, patient-physician interaction is changed
eHealth recordsEMRSecurity and privacy concepts need to be addressed, interoperability issues
Digital biomarkersSmartwatch, counting of steps per dayIndividualized strategies for health behavior changes. So far missing standardization