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World J Gastroenterol. May 21, 2018; 24(19): 2061-2072
Published online May 21, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i19.2061
Table 1 Incidence of biliary strictures with median time of onset after living donor liver transplantation
StudyYearTotal number, nBiliary strictures, %Median time of onset after LT in mo
Yazumi et al[13]2006273276.2
Seo et al[43]2009239128.6
Chang et al[22]201035332-
Hsieh et al[11]2013110372.1
Wadhawan et al[93]2013338103
Ranjan et al[94]2016305312
Rao et al[31]201745810-
Table 2 Therapeutic efficacy and factors affecting outcome of endotherapy in biliary strictures complicating living donor liver transplantation
StudyYearBiliary strictures, n (%)Median duration of stent therapyOverall stricture resolution, %Factors that affected endoscopic outcome
Zoepf et al[68]20057 (7.78)4 mo100
Yazumi et al[13]200675 (27.5)8.9 mo33
Gomez et al[30]200910 (33.34)20
Seo et al[43]200929 (12.1)24.1 ± 12.7 wk65
Chang et al[22]2010113 (32)48NAS, HAT, Pretransplant TACE
Hsieh et al[11]201341 (37.3)5.3 mo79
Wadhawan et al[93]201335 (10.4)91
Ranjan et al[94]201610 (3.28)4 mo70
Rao et al[31]201741 (10.2)6 mo48Donor age, multiple biliary anastomoses, duration of stent therapy
Kato et al[9]200941 (42.7)14.5 mo85Stricture length, bile leak
Table 3 Role of self-expanding metal stent in the management of post living donor liver transplantation biliary strictures
StudyYearPatients who underwent cSEMS, nDuration of stent therapyStricture resolution, %Complications, %
Kaffes et al[87]20141012 wk10010
Jang et al[89]2017353.2 ± 1.4 mo82.914.3
Kao et al[88]120132003 mo80-9516
Rao et al2201848 mo75