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World J Gastroenterol. Apr 7, 2018; 24(13): 1386-1397
Published online Apr 7, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i13.1386
Table 1 Reports of postoperative thrombocytopenia after liver transplant
AuthorYearTypeNumber of patientsResults
Hutchison et al[23]1968DDLT8Platelet count change from 200-400 × 103/μL to 67 × 103/μL on POD 3
Plevak et al[16]1988DDLT76Platelet count change from 137 × 103/μL to 72 × 103/μL on POD 3
Munoz et al[15]1989DDLT3Three patients with severe postoperative thrombocytopenia were successfully treated with high-dose gamma-globulin
McCaughan et al[17]1992DDLT53Patients who died during their hospital stay had lower postoperative platelet counts at the nadir, and the day of the nadir tended to be delayed
Chatzipetrou et al[24]1999DDLT541A platelet nadir of < 20 × 103/μL was associated with allograft dysfunction, graft rejection and poorer patient and graft survival
Chang et al[25]2000DDLT50Fungal infection was frequent in patients with a platelet nadir of < 30 × 103/μL
Ben Hamida et al[26]2003DDLT161Patients with a platelet count < 50 × 103/μL for three consecutive days showed a high mortality rate.
Nascimbene et al[19]2007DDLT8Infusion of high-dose gamma-globulins induced a prompt, complete and persistent resolution of postoperative severe thrombocytopenia in more than 70% of patients
Kim et al[47]2010LDLT87A total unit of platelet transfusion was significantly associated with graft regeneration
Lesurtel et al[28]2014DDLT247A platelet count of < 60 × 103/μL on POD 5 was related to poor graft survival within 90 d after LT
Sonny et al[27]2015DDLT223A preoperative platelet count of < 45 × 103/μL was related with short-term outcomes in patients ≥ 60 years old
Li et al[49]2015LDLT234Patients with an immediate postoperative platelet count of < 68 × 103/μL had a higher chance of developing EAD and severe complications
Takahashi et al[29]2016DDLT975A platelet count of < 72.5 × 103/μL on POD 5 was related to poor graft survival
Han et al[48]2016LDLT441An intraoperative platelet transfusion was also independently associated with enhanced graft regeneration at 14 ± 2 d after surgery
Pamecha et al[50]2016LDLT120A platelet count of < 30 × 103/μL on POD 3 was a strong predictor of complications and EAD
Gwiasda et al[31]2017DDLT134A higher preoperative platelet count was related to graft loss
Takahashi et al[30]2017DDLT771Persistent thrombocytopenia within 5 d after LT was related to progression of biliary anastomotic stricture
Akamatsu et al[51]2017LDLT445A Low platelet count on POD 3 was an independent predictor of grade IIIb/IV complications