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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 7, 2016; 22(37): 8271-8282
Published online Oct 7, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i37.8271
Table 1 Diagnostic serum biomarkers for hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma
MarkerCut-off1SensitivitySpecificityDetection method (most reliable)Ref.
AFP7.7-112.0 ng/mL25%-90%87%-97%ELISA[36,73]
AFP-l33%-20%36%-96%89%-94%Liquid-Phase Binding Assay[46,47,52]
DCP40-150 mAU/mL44%-91%68%-99%Electrochemiluminescence immunoassay[36,53]
Osteopontin9.3-642.5 ng/mL73%-97%55%-100%ELISA[65]
GP7378-150 ng/mL68%-95%9%-97%Immunoblotting, Western Blotting or ELISA2[36,71,72]
GPC-32-300 ng/mL36%-100%40%-100%ELISA[36,78]
SCCA0.12-3.80 ng/mL42%-80%50%-88%ELISA[36,81]
DKK11.01-2.15 ng/mL69%-91%62%-91%ELISA[86-88]
Table 2 Predictive serum biomarkers for hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma
MarkerCut-offIncreased risk for HCCControl group1Follow-up timeRef.
ViralHBeAgPositive4-foldHBeAg negative HBV patients8 yr[114]
HBV DNA> 1 million copies/mL11-foldHBV patients with HBV DNA < 300 copies/mL11 yr[115]
HBsAg> 1000 IU/mL3-foldHBV patients with HBsAg 5-9 IU/mL14.7 yr[117]
HostGamma-GT Iso-enzyme IIPositive86-foldGGT Iso-enzyme II negative HBV patients10 yr[128]
Gamma-GT> 41 U/L8-foldHBV patients with Gamma-GT ≥ 41 U/L5.9 yr[129]
AFP> 5 ng/mL8-foldHBV patients with AFP ≤ 5 ng/mL5.9 yr[129]
COMPPositive3-foldCOMP negative HBV and HCV patients8 yr[134]
IL-6> 7 pg/mL3-foldHBV patients with IL-6 < 7 pg/mL7.25 yr[135]
sPD-1> 637.6 pg/mL2-foldHBV patients with sPD-1 < 117.3 pg/mL20 yr[138]