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World J Gastroenterol. May 28, 2016; 22(20): 4802-4811
Published online May 28, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i20.4802
Table 1 Case reports about the association Crohn’s disease-hydradenitis suppurativa
Ref.nLocalization of CDLocalization of HSCD predates HS
Ostlere et al[11], 19913ColonAnogenitalNR
Burrows et al[12], 19922ColonAnogenital, axillae, groinNR
Gower-Rousseau et al[13], 19921Ileo-colonPerineumNR
Attanoos et al[14], 19933Colon, ileo-colon, colon-jejunumAnogenital, axillae, perineumYes
Tsianos et al[15], 19951ColonAnogenital, axillae, sternumYes
Roy et al[16], 19971Ileo-colonAxillaeNR
Martínez et al[17], 20011Ileo-colonAxillaeYes
Roussomoustakaki et al[18], 20031Ileo-colonAnogenital, axillae, groinNo
Yazdanyar et al[19], 20102ColonAxillae, groin, submammaryNo
Goertz et al[20], 20081ColonPerianalYes
dos Santos et al[21], 20121RectumPerianalYes
Hiraiwa et al[22], 20131Ulcerative colitisGroinYes
Table 2 Main clinical and pathogenesis features of hydradenitis suppurativa and inflammatory bowel disease (adapted from van der Zee et al[23])
LocalizationEntire alimentary tractColonInverse areas of the skin
Layer of inflammationTransmuralMucosaDeep derm
Confluency of lesionsNo (skip lesions)YesYes
Influence of smokingAggravatesNo (or improvement)Aggravates
Disease chronicityYesYesYes
Genetic predispositionYesYesYes
Influence of microbiotaYesYesYes
Female predominance↑↑
Response to anti-TNFα therapyYesYesYes