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World J Gastroenterol. May 21, 2013; 19(19): 2935-2940
Published online May 21, 2013. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v19.i19.2935
Table 1 Patient and treatment characteristics
PatientAge (yr)Primary tumorConcomitant treatmentGastroduodenal artery embolizationSite of injectionGastrointestinal activity on 99Tcm-MAA scanDose administratedPain during infusion
160ColorectalFOLFOXYesCommon hepatic arteryNo75%Yes
239Pancreatic NETNoNoLeft hepatic arteryNo100%No
353Ileal carcinoidNoYesProper hepatic arteryNo100%Yes
465CholangiocarcinomaGEMOXNoRight and left hepatic arteryNo75%Yes
554RenalNoYesProper hepatic arteryNo100%Yes
648ColorectalNoYesProper hepatic arteryNo60%Yes
Table 2 Endoscopic and histologic findings
PatientTime from RE to first endoscopy (wk)Findings in first endoscopy (CTCAE 4.02 grading scale)HistologyEndoscopic follow-up time (mo)Total number of endoscopiesEndoscopic treatment
16Ulcers in cisura angularis and gastric antrum (20 mm); Multiple erosions in duodenal bulb (2)Microspheres in lamina propia;No H. pylori bacilliNo1No
25Severe mucositis in gastric fundus, body and antrum, with mucosal friability and superficial ulcers (2)Microspheres; No H. pylori bacilli153No
38Severe gastritis (cisura angularis, antrum and pylorus) and duodenitis with ulcers (3)Microspheres; No H. pylori bacilli538Argon plasma coagulation (after 13 mo of RE)1
47Mucositis in gastric body; Extense ulcer in antrum (2)Microspheres; No H. pylori bacilli12No
512Deep ulcer in pyloric channel and severe mucositis in gastric antrum; Superficial ulcer in duodenal bulb (2)Microspheres in lamina propia; No H. pylori bacilli7811No
64Severe mucositis in gastric antrum, with mucosal friability;Ulcer in pyloric cannel (2)Microspheres in lamina propia; No H. pylori bacilli12No
Table 3 Clinical follow-up and treatment
PatientTime from RE to symptoms (wk)Clinical follow-up time (mo)Symptoms (CTCAE v4.02 grading scale)
Weight loss1 (kg)Hemoglobin2 (g/dL)Reason for end of endoscopic follow up
PainNausea and vomitingAnorexiaTreatment usedTime on treatment (mo)Clinical response
146Epigastric pain (1)NoNoPantoprazole, domperidone and almagate4Yes6-1.5Improvement
2429Epigastric pain (1)Yes (1)NoEsomeprazole, cinitapride sucralfate and ranitidine8Yes7-0.6Improvement
3488Epigastric pain (2)Yes (1)Yes (3)Pantoprazole, metoclopramide, sucralfate and cinitapride10Yes17-6.9Improvement
429Left subcostal pain (2)Yes (1)NoPantoprazole, sucralfate and almagate5Yes4-3.1Improvement
51288Epigastric pain (1)Yes (1)Yes (2)Pantoprazole, pentoxifylline, esomeprazole and almagate5Yes4-1.6Improvement; still on follow-up
643Epigastric pain (2)Yes (2)Yes (2)Esomeprazole, pentoxifylline and misoprostole1No4.1-2.4Exitus