Guidelines For Clinical Practice
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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 14, 2012; 18(26): 3375-3378
Published online Jul 14, 2012. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i26.3375
Table 1 Cholelithiasis and important findings from selected studies
AuthorPatient populationFrequency and location of cholelithiasis (%)Notes
Bayraktar et al[1]47 PVT patients evaluated by ERCP8 (19) located in CBDUnselected PVCT patients irrespective of symptoms, had a control group of 22 patients with other causes of portal hypertension
Condat et al[11]25 consecutive patients in 2 yr evaluated by MRCP4 (16)Cholelithiasis associated with abrupt elevation of transaminase level, obstructive jaundice and cholangitis (2 patients)
Khare et al[27]13 patients with obstructive jaundice evaluated by ultrasound4 (31) located in GB, 4 (31) located in CBDRetrospective selection of patients with obstructive jaundice
Sezgin et al[19]10 consecutive patients in 6 yr presenting with jaundice and/or cholangitis evaluated by ERCP0Only patients with biliary symptoms are evaluated; Total number of patients or prevalence of cholelithiasis is not mentioned
Oo et al[16]13 patients with symptoms related to PD in 13 yr11 (84) located in GB, 9 (69) located both in GB and CBDSymptomatic patients selected
Dumortier et al[28]6 consecutive patients presented as case series4 (66) located in GB, 2 also had stones in CBDUpon follow up 3 patients suffered from cholecystitis and cholangitis requiring cholecystectomy
Chaudhary et al[20]9 symptomatic PD patients managed surgically2 (22) located in CBDSelected patients with indications for surgery; Bile aspirates during surgery revealed Escherichia coli in patients with stones
Agarwal et al[29]39 symptomatic PD patients managed surgically12 (30) located in GB, 7 (18) located in CBDSelected patients with indications for surgery
Dhiman et al[17]53 symptomatic and asymptomatic patients11 (20) (7 located in GB while 4 in CBD)Stones were found more frequently in patients with symptoms than asymptomatic patients
Ozkavukcu et al[30]16 patients diagnosed with PVT evaluated by MRCP0 (there are 3 patients with history of cholecystectomy but the reasons are not given)Patients with history of, chronic liver diseases, liver abcess and hydatid cyst were not eliminated with potential interference with findings of biliary system
Chiu et al[31]29 children with PVT diagnosis evaluated for Rex shunt5 (17) located in GB, 4 (14) had biliary sludgeOnly children evaluated for possible surgery included
Yamada et al[32]21 children with PVT3 (14) located in GB21 patients selected out of 35, selection criteria not mentioned