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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 7, 2012; 18(1): 1-15
Published online Jan 7, 2012. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i1.1
Table 1 Studies analyzing recurrence of primary sclerosing cholangitis after liver transplantation
Ref.YrnMedian follow-up(range) in monthsRecurrencen (%)Median time to recurrence (range) in monthsDiagnostic criteriafor recurrenceRisk factor(s)for recurrence
Goss et al[11]199712736 (ND)11 (8.6)ND (ND)Radiographic and histological evidenceND
Jeyarajah et al[70]1998100ND (12-108)18 (18)21 (mean) (ND)Radiographic and/or histological evidenceACR
Graziadei et al[87]199912055 (mean) (4-136)24 (20)8.5 (3-42)Radiographic and/or histological evidenceNone
Kubota et al[169]199953ND (12-156)3 (5.7)ND (16-48)Radiographic and histological evidenceND
Liden et al[170]200161ND (ND)5 (8.2)ND (ND)Radiographic and histological evidenceND
Renz et al[171]20024966 (ND)7 (14)ND (ND)Radiographic or histological evidenceND
Yusoff et al[172]20021258 (mean) (4-174)2 (17)NDRadiographic and histological evidenceND
Khettry et al[71]200342ND (24-168)6 (14.3)ND (ND)Radiographic and/or histological evidenceRecipient-donor mismatch
Kugelmas et al[76]200371ND (14-91)15 (21.1)53 (mean) (12-110)Radiographic or histological evidenceND
Brandsaeter et al[75]20054977 (17-182)9 (18)NDRadiographic evidenceSteroid-resistant ACR
Khuroo et al[173]2005590 (1-186)2 (40)NDRadiographic evidenceND
Oldakowska-Jedynak et al[174]20051732 (mean) (0.9-91)2 (12)29 (18-51)Radiographic and/or histological evidenceND
Cholongitas et al[77]200753110 (12-185)7 (13.2)60 (4-120)Radiographic and histological evidenceSteroids for UC (> 3 mo post-LTX)
Campsen et al[78]200713066 (ND)22 (16.9)ND (ND)Radiographic evidencePre-LTX CCA
Yamagiwa et al[175]200744 (all LDLT)ND (ND)11 (25)ND (ND)Radiographic and histological evidenceND
Tamura et al[176]20078 (LDLT)42 (ND)4 (50)40 (14-66)Radiographic evidenceND
Haga et al[74]200722 (all LDLT)31 (mean) (22-71)13 (59.1)31 (22-71)Radiographic and histological evidenceND
Alexander et al[69]20086950 (1-173)7 (10)68 (24-134)Radiographic and/or histological evidenceACR, steroid resistant ACR, HLA-DRB1*08 in donor or recipient
Alabraba et al[13]200923082.5 (0.0-239)54 (23.5)55.2 (6-155)Radiographic and histological evidenceIntact colon at the time of LTX, use of EDC graft
Kashyap et al[177]20095841.5 (mean) (ND)11 (19)ND (ND)Radiographic and/or histological evidenceND
Egawa et al[73]200920 (all LDLT)63 (1-133)11 (55)ND (26-71)Radiographic or histological evidenceCytomegalovirus infection within 3 mo, related donor
Moncrief et al[178]20095968 (33-106)15 (25)40.2 (19.5-66.1)Radiographic and/or histological evidenceACR, cytomegalovirus mismatch
Table 2 Definition of recurrent primary sclerosing cholangitis following liver transplantation (according to Graziadei et al[87])
Confirmed diagnosis of primary sclerosing cholangitis prior to liver transplantation
Intrahepatic and/or extrahepatic biliary stricturing, beading, and irregularity > 90 dOrFibrous cholangitis and/or fibro-obliterative lesions with or without ductopenia, biliary fibrosis, or biliary cirrhosis
Exclusion criteria
Hepatic artery thrombosis/stenosis
Established ductopenic rejection
Anastomotic strictures alone
Non Anastomotic strictures before post-transplantation day 90
ABO incompatibility between donor and recipient
Table 3 Studies containing data on the incidence of acute cellular rejection after liver transplantation for primary sclerosing cholangitis
Ref.YrNo. ofPSC patientsMedian follow-up(range) in monthsACRn (%)Diagnostic criteria for rejectionImmunosuppression
Klintmalm et al[179]19889ND (ND)4 (44)BiopsyCyA, CS and azathioprine
McEntee et al[180]199144ND (ND)44 (100)NDND
Shaked et al[181]199236ND (ND)6 (17)BiopsyCyA/Tac, CS and azathioprine
Miki et al[3]199455ND (ND)37 (67)BiopsyCyA/Tac, CS and azathioprine
Narumi et al[30]19953337.8 (6-73)19(57)BiopsyATG for 3-5 d, CS, azathioprine and delayed CyA
Farges et al[131]199623Minimal follow-up 18 mo12 (52)BiopsyCyA/Tac, CS and azathioprine
Jeyarajah et al[70]1998115Minimal follow-up 12 mo45 (39)BiopsyCyA/Tac, CS and azathioprine
Wiesner et al[130]19981263458 (46)BiopsyCyA/Tac, CS and azathioprine (1 group received induction with ATG)
Graziadei et al[10]199915055 (10-138)103 (69.7)BiopsyCyA/Tac, CS and azathioprine
Bathgate et al[182]200016ND (ND)10 (63)BiopsyND
Brandsaeter et al[75]20054977 (17-182)35 (71)BiopsyCyA/Tac, CS and azathioprine/ MMF