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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 21, 2011; 17(11): 1475-1479
Published online Mar 21, 2011. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v17.i11.1475
Table 1 Factors analyzed for their significance in anastomotic leaks
FactorLeak(n = 16)No leak(n = 92)P value (univariate analysis)
Age (more than 60 yr)7130.011
Male sex11570.78
Distance of the tumor from8.28.90.5
anal verge (mean, cm)
Pre- operative hemoglobin (mean, g/dL)1010.20.6
Pre- operative serum albumin (mean, g/dL)
Stapled anastomosis6420.59
Doughnut incomplete320.032
Duration of surgery (mean, h)
Blood loss (mean, mL)1571680.9
Diverting stoma8520.78
R0 resection12651
Positive resection margin2131
Mucin secreting tumour5281
Table 2 Factors analyzed for their significance in anastomotic strictures
FactorStricture (n = 19)No stricture (n = 89)P value (univariate analysis)
Age (more than 60 yr)3171
Male sex15530.126
Distance from6.69.30.0111
anal verge (mean, cm)
Pre-operative hemoglobin (mean, gm/dL)10.710.10.23
Pre-operative serum albumin (mean, gm/dL)
Stapled anastomosis11370.21
Doughnut incomplete230.63
Duration of surgery (mean, h)2.252.760.43
Blood loss (mean, mL)1771640.86
Diverting stoma11491
R0 resection15620.57
Positive resection margin2130.1
Anastomotic leak880.0011
Mucin secreting tumour10230.0291
Table 3 Significant factors determined by multivariate analysis
FactorsP valueOdds ratio
Factors affecting anastomotic leak
Advance age (> 60 yr)0.0047.23
Factors affecting anastomotic stricture
Anastomotic leak0.00013.6
Distance of growth from anal verge0.0116.5
Mucin secreting tumor0.0215.3