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World J Gastroenterol. Jun 28, 2010; 16(24): 3063-3071
Published online Jun 28, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i24.3063
Table 1 LNF and LTF in treatment of patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease
Data sourceDesignPF (º)Sample capacity (LNF/LTF)Group or subg. depend on EMFollow-up (mo)Level of evidence
Mickevicius et al[22], 2008RCT200-27076/77No detail121b Level A
Fibbe et al[23], 2001
Zornig et al[24], 2002RCT270100/100More subgroups241b Level A
Strate et al[16], 2008
Chrysos et al[25], 2003RCT27014/19Both abnormal122b Level B
Guérin et al[26], 2007RCT27077/63Normal-Nissen/Abnormal-Toupet361b Level A
Laws et al[10], 1997RCT20023/16Both normal27.22b Level B
Shaw et al[27], 2010RCT27050/50No detail> 551b Level A
Booth et al[21], 2008RCT27064/63No detail121b Level A
Coster et al[28], 1997PCTNo detail125/101No detail122b Level B
Granderath et al[29], 2007PCT27028/28Both normal33b Level B
Wykypiel et al[30], 2008PCT30020/20Normal-Nissen/Abnormal-Toupet63b Level B
Hunter et al[31], 1996PCT180-300101/83Both normal33b Level B
Bessell et al[17], 2000PCT200-270761/85More subgroups122b Level B
Radajewski et al[32], 2009PCTNo detail51/43No detail122b Level B
Kamolz et al[33], 2000PCTNo detail107/68No detail602b Level B
Kamolz et al[11], 2002
Sgromo et al[34], 2008RTNo detail150/116No detail722b Level B
Erenoğlu et al[35], 2003RT270118/26Normal-Nissen/Abnormal-Toupet27.52b Level B
Herbella et al[20], 2007RT24055/16More subgroups163b Level B
Wetscher et al[12], 1997RTNo detail17/32Normal-Nissen/Abnormal-Toupet153b Level B
Fernando et al[36], 2002RT270163/43No detail19.72b Level B
Wykypiel et al[37], 2005RT30077/132Normal-Nissen/Abnormal-Toupet522b Level B
McKernan et al[38], 1994RT180-20014/14No detail> 3.43b Level B
Fein et al[45], 2008RTNo detail88/10Normal-Nissen/Abnormal-Toupet1202b Level B
Patti et al[39], 2004RT240216/141More subgroups> 232b Level B
Zügel et al[9], 2002RT27040/122No detail192b Level B
Pessaux et al[40], 2000RT1801078/392No detail242b Level B
Bell et al[41], 1996RT18011/11No detail134 Level C
Lund et al[42], 1997RT27016/46Both abnormal63b Level B
Farrell et al[43], 2000RT270293/52More subgroups123b Level B
Heider et al[44], 2003RT27015/4Both abnormal29.54 Level C