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World J Gastroenterol. Sep 28, 2009; 15(36): 4576-4581
Published online Sep 28, 2009. doi: 10.3748/wjg.15.4576
Table 1 Synopsis of demographics and imaging findings in 10 patients with Epi-HAML
No.Age (yr)/sexSize (cm), segmentUnenhanced CT/MRFatVascularityOuter rimVessels in lesion
151/F6.5, 4.0 VI/VII, IVHypoNoHypovascularYesYes
242/F4.2, IHypoNoHypovascularNoNo
335/F7.5, VIHypoNoHypervascularNoYes
436/F1.5, IVHypoNoHypervascularYesYes
517/F10.0, V/VII/VIIIHypoNoHypervascularYesYes
655/F5.0, II/IIIHypoNoHypervascularYesYes
7133/F6.0, 1.0, II/III/IV, VIIHypoYesHypervascularNoYes
836/F3.0, IVHypoNoHypervascularYesYes
946/F4.0, II/IIIT1 hypo, T2 hyperNoHypervascularYesYes
1047/F2.5, VIT1 hypo, T2 hyperNoHypervascularYesYes
Table 2 Synopsis of demographics and imaging findings in 11 patients with non-Epi-HAML
No.Age (yr)/sexSize (cm), segmentUnenhanced CT/MRFatVascularityOuter rimVessels in lesion
145/F6.0, VI/VIIHypoYesHypervascularNoNo
234/F4.5, II/IIIHypoNoHypervascularNoYes
337/F5.5, VIII/IVT1 hypo, T2 hyperYesHypervascularYesYes
440/F12.0, VII/VIII/IVT1 hypo, T2 hyperYesHypervascularYesYes
2.0, 1.0, II/III
550/F6.5, IVT1 hypo, T2 hyperYesHypervascularYesYes
643/M2.0, VIHypoYesHypervascularNoNo
747/M2.0, IVHypoYesHypervascularNoNo
846/M3.0, VIIIHypoYesHypervascularNoYes
944/F4.0, IIHypoNoHypervascularNoNo
1050/F3.0, VIHypoYesHypervascularNoYes
1121/F12.0, VI/VIT1 hypo, T2 hyperNoHypervascularYesYes
Table 3 Comparison of imaging features between Epi-HAML and non-Epi-HAML1
Epi-HAML, n = 12 (10)Non-Epi-HAML, n = 13 (11)P value
Fat2 (1)10 (8)0.005
Hypervascular8 (8)13 (11)0.082
Vessels in lesions10 (9)9 (7)0.645
Outer rim8 (7)6 (4)0.428