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World J Gastroenterol. May 14, 2009; 15(18): 2265-2269
Published online May 14, 2009. doi: 10.3748/wjg.15.2265
Table 1 Basal characteristics of 17 consecutive patients
Case no.GenderAgeSymptomsDuration (d)ComorbidityType of bezoarEndoscopic findingsSize of bezoar
CD group
1F69Indigestion21NonePhytobezoarGUAbove 50%
2F62Epigastric soreness21DMPhytobezoarGUAbove 50%
3F49Indigestion, epigastric soreness14DMPhytobezoarPyloric stenosisBelow 50%
4F51Indigestion20DMPhytobezoarGUBelow 50%
PD group
5M48Epigastric soreness 8NonePhytobezoarDU scar with stenosisBelow 50%
6F57Indigestion21NoneDiospyrobezoarPyloric stenosisAbove 50%
7M71Indigestion90NoneDiospyrobezoarPyloric stenosisBelow 50%
8F65Epigastric soreness10HTNDiospyrobezoarPyloric stenosisAbove 50%
9F61Indigestion14DMDiospyrobezoarPyloric stenosisBelow 50%
10F57Indigestion21NoneDiospyrobezoarPyloric stenosisBelow 50%
11F67Epigastric soreness60DMDiospyrobezoarGUBelow 50%
12M63Epigastric soreness21HTNPhytobezoarPyloric stenosisAbove 50%
13M78Indigestion30DMDiospyrobezoarGUAbove 50%
14F75Epigastric soreness90DMDiospyrobezoarNoneBelow 50%
15F54None 7HTNDiospyrobezoarGUBelow 50%
16F61Nausea and vomiting 7NoneDiospyrobezoarGUBelow 50%
17M63Epigastric soreness30NoneDiospyrobezoarPyloric stenosisAbove 50%
Table 2 Results of cola administration and endoscopic intervention
Case no.Initial methodof colaadministrationMethods ofendoscopic treatmentEndoscopicprocedure time (min)No. ofendoscopicsessions (n)No. of used instruments(n)Total amount of administered cola (liters)Hospitalstay (d)
CD group
13 L drink0032
23 L lavage0032
33 L lavage0033
43 L lavage0032
PD group
53 L drinkMechanical lithotripsy  81163
63 L lavageMechanical lithotripsy451163
73 L drinkMechanical lithotripsy141262
83 L lavageMechanical lithotripsy441163
93 L drinkMechanical lithotripsy621264
103 L lavageMechanical lithotripsy421163
113 L lavageMechanical lithotripsy501167
123 L lavageMechanical lithotripsy301163
133 L lavagePolypectomy snare522293
143 L drinkPolypectomy snare402365
153 L drinkPolypectomy snare582395
163 L drinkPolypectomy snare621465
173 L drinkPolypectomy snare722563
Table 3 Comparison of clinical characteristics between complete dissolution and partial dissolution groups
CD group (n = 4)PD group (n = 13)Pvalue
Age, range (yr)51-6948-780.412
Gender (M:F)0:45:80.208
Symptom duration, range (d)14-217-900.624
Median (d)2021
Type of bezoar0.006
Size of bezoar0.559
Over than 50% of stomach25
Less than 50% of stomach28
Endoscopic findings0.241
Gastric outlet stenosis18
Method of administration of cola0.441
Oral drink17
Table 4 Summary of cases for gastric phytobezoar treated with cola
AuthorType of bezoarsNo. of casesMethods of administration of Coca-colaDuration of Coca-cola
Ladas et al[6]Phytobezoar53 L of Coca-cola lavage12 h
Kato et al[7]Diospyrobezoars13 L of Coca-cola lavage12 h
Chung et al[8]Diospyrobezoars1Injection of 30 mL of Coca-cola and drinking 4 L of Coca-cola2 d
Lin et al[9]Diospyrobezoars1Injection and irrigation with 1 can of Coca-cola + oral drink of 1 can
Okamoto et al[10]Diospyrobezoars1Drinking 500 mL of Coca-cola per day7 d
Sechopoulos et al[11]Stump of vegetables12 cans of Coca-cola injection
Whitson et al[12]Phytobezoar1Drinking 5 L of Coca-cola per day5 d