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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 28, 2006; 12(8): 1273-1277
Published online Feb 28, 2006. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v12.i8.1273
Table 1 Applied exclusion criteria
Exclusion criteria
Acute thrombosis of portal or hepatic veins
Any ultrasonographic (including Doppler studies) finding compatible with mass occupying lesion in liver
Positivity of viral hepatitis markers
Any finding in the liver biopsy suggesting parenchymal liver disease (including autoimmune liver diseases and metabolic liver diseases)
Acquired hematological abnormality leading to thrombophilia (myeloproliferative diseases, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, history of use of oral contraceptive or estrogen replacement treatment, anti-phospholipid syndrome, history of cancer, history of hepatobiliary surgery, history of pancreatitis)
Genetic hematological abnormality leading to thrombophilia (mutation of factor V Leiden, mutation of prothrombin, deficiencies in proteins C and S or antithrombin, hyperfibrinogenemia, hyperhomocysteinemia)
Severe and widespread atherosclerosis, uncontrolled or newly diagnosed malignancy elsewhere, systemic inflammatory diseases, history of recent operation
Table 2 General characteristics of the patients (results were given as minimum, maximum and median)
Age28-74 (48)
PVT (n)7
HVT (n)2
Hemoglobin (gr/L)9.5-16.6 (13.5)
Platelet (count/mL)62.000-358.000 (168.000)
ALT (U/L)13-38 (23)
AST (U/L)18-38 (27)
ALP (U/L)87-355 (200)
GGT (U/L)16-123 (34)
Total Bilirubin (mg/L)0.24-2.08 (0.65)
INR1.06-1.47 (1.14)
Protein C (%)55-137 (87)
Protein S (%)58-113 (85)
AT (%)75-109 (90)
Homocysteine (umol/L)9-19 (15)
Fibrinogen (mg/L)181-420 (271)
Table 3 Comparison of patient and control groups by advanced tests (results were given as minimum, maximum and median)
Test (normal limits)Patient group (n)Control group (n)Significance
FVIIa (25.5-96.9 mU/mL)27-1232 (96)39-325 (129)NS1
Total TFPI (81.2 ± 30.4 ng/mL)22-114 (87.2)43-112 (79)NS
Free TFPI (10.0 ± 4.8 ng/mL)5-41 (19)9-20 (13)aP < 0.05
sVCAM (395-714 ng/mL)489-1890 (915)410-890 (517)cP < 0.05
sICAM (115-306 ng/mL)148-400 (252)24-260 (164)bP < 0.05
E-Selectin (29.1-63.4 ng/mL)14-68 (20)11-64 (29)NS
Table 4 Results and comparisons of GFC (global fibrinolytic capacity)
GroupSeverely low GFCModerately low GFCNormal GFC
Patient group045
Control group0014
Fisher’s exact testP < 0.05