Liver Cancer
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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 28, 2005; 11(44): 6920-6925
Published online Nov 28, 2005. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v11.i44.6920
Table 1 Preoperative characteristics of the 50 enrolled HCC patients and univariate survival analysis
VariablesStudy group (50 patients)Likelihood-ratio χ2 (P value)
Median age (yr)62 (22-88)2.23 (NS)
Sex (M/F)Sep-411.35 (NS)
Performance status (PST) ≥1104.06 (.0438)
Cirrhosis431.12 (NS)
Etiology: HCV/HBV/alcohol/other29/6/5/10
Viral31.7 (NS)
Portal hypertension310.17 (NS)
Child-Pugh score (A/B/C)16/24/32.31 (NS)
Analytical data
Bilirubin (μmol/L)20 (7-233)0.02 (NS)
Serum albumin (g/L)35 (21-46)0.49 (NS)
Prothrombin activity (%)77 (39-109)0.02 (NS)
1Alkaline phosphatase (U/L)113 (42-395)1.33 (NS)
1GGT (U/L)64 (21-864)3.25 (NS)
Creatinin (μmol/L)83 (63-166)1.47 (NS)
AST (U/L)95 (20-492)0.48 (NS)
ALT (U/L)78 (12-469)0.19 (NS)
Median AFP level (ng/L)17 (4-1 400)0.69 (NS)
Positive AFP mRNA215.96 (0.0146)
TNM T3/T4262.8 (NS)
Bilobar72.38 (NS)
Number of nodules (1/2 or 3/>3)22/23/5
Multinodular280.99 (NS)
1Median nodule size (cm)4 (1-18)2.76 (NS)
Nodule >5 cm201.62 (NS)
1Gross vascular invasion124.42 (0.0354)
12Histological grade (I/II/III)27/16/7
II-III234.10 (0.0490)
Type of treatment
Resection/LT/loco-regional therapies2022-7-21
Surgery2916.40 (0.0001)
Table 2 Multivariate survival analysis in the 50 enrolled HCC patients. Only variables significantly influencing survival at univariate analysis were introduced in the Cox proportional hazard model
VariablesRR (95%CI)Likelihood-ratio χ2P
Assessing single variables
Surgery2.72 (1.59-5.03)14.070.0002
AFP mRNA2.00 (0.90-4.82)2.83NS
Moderately or poorly differentiated grade1.20 (0.55-2.41)0.23NS
Gross vascular invasion0.86 (0.48-1.59)0.24NS
Performance status >11.21(0.64-2.46)0.31NS
Combining tumor related variables
Surgery5.84 (2.23-17.32)13.230.0003
1Early HCC5.84 (2.23-17.32)13.60.0002
Performance status >11.18 (0.41-3.09)0.11NS