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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 21, 2024; 30(7): 624-630
Published online Feb 21, 2024. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v30.i7.624
Table 2 Case reports of pancreatic injuries during colonoscopy
Type of injury
Age, sex, and risk factors
Sidiqi and Gong[5], 2019Acute pancreatitis53-yr-old femaleEpigastric pain with nausea and vomitingConservativeProbably direct trauma to tail of the pancreas by movement of the endoscope
Limb et al[6], 2016Acute pancreatitis69-yr-old female, multiple abdominal surgeries, and previous episode of acute pancreatitisEpigastric painConservativeCrohn’s disease; controlled under mesalazine therapy
Thomas and Mitre[22], 1994Acute pancreatitisA 25-yr-old male, technical difficulties with passage of the scope beyond the splenic flexure after manipulations, position change and external abdominal pressureMid-epigastric pain with nausea and vomitingConservativeAlpha loop formation. The pancreatic inflammation was limited to the tail (close proximity to splenic flexure)
Khashram and Frizelle[24], 2011Hemorrhage around tail of pancreasTrauma of insufflation transmitted to the pancreasEpigastric painConservative
Ahmed et al[32], 2019Pancreatic duct leak62-yr-old female, prior left nephrectomyWorsening left sided abdominal pain, nausea and vomitingERCP with PD stentingA collection involving pancreatic tail and splenic flexure (possible following adhesions of the prior surgery) was seen in the CT