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World J Gastroenterol. Sep 14, 2022; 28(34): 4959-4972
Published online Sep 14, 2022. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v28.i34.4959
Table 1 Efficacy of cytapheresis in patients with ulcerative colitis showing insufficient response to thiopurine or immunomodulators
Study type
Total number of patients included in the study
Number of patients insufficient response to thiopurine or IM
Regimen of CAP
Rate of remission
Rate of steroid- free remission
Cabriada et al[60], 2010Prospective study18 (SD)18GMA or LCAP (5-10 sessions, 1 session/wk)55%
Takayama et al[58], 2013Historical cohort study9014GMA or LCAP (5-10 sessions, 1-2/wk)49% (total Pts), pre-use of IM had little effects on the response to therapy
Yokoyama et al[42], 2014Prospective Observation Study623 (for efficacy assessment)196LCAP (5-10 sessions, mean 8.4), intensive LCAP was performed in > 70% of Pts73% (Pts concomitantly treated with thiopurine), 71% (Pts treated without thiopurine), P = 0.623
Imperiali et al[61], 2017Prospective multicenter study33 (SD)33GMA (5 sessions, 1 session/wk)36%
Yamamoto et al[37], 2018Retrospective study593159GMA (5 sessions, 1 to 5 sessions/wk), 5 or 6 GMA were added in Pts who did not achieve clinical remission45% (Pts exposed to IM), 48% (Pts unexposed to IM), P = 0.61
Dignass et al[36], 2016Single-arm, open-label, multicentre trial86 (SD)83GMA (5-10 sessions, 1 session/wk) 40.3%
Ishiguro et al[62], 2020Multicenter cohort study102, SD or SR UC Pts were not included16GMA (mean number of GMA 9.9 sessions, 1-3 sessions/wk)56.3% (Pts concomitantly treated with IM), 53.5% (Pts treated without IM), P = 1.00
Iizuka et al[59], 2021Retrospective study55 (SD: 33, SR: 21)12GMA or LCAP [5-20 sessions (mean 8.8), 1-2 sessions/wk (in principle)]66.7% (Pts concomitantly treated with thiopurine), 69.1% (all Pts), no significant differences41.7% (Pts concomitantly treated with thiopurine), 45.5% (all Pts), no significant differences