Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 7, 2021; 27(45): 7844-7854
Published online Dec 7, 2021. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v27.i45.7844
Table 1 Clinical features of 10 previous cases of Burkitt lymphoma involving stomach, pancreas or spinal cord
Initial symptom
Affecting area
Biopsy area
Immunohistochemical studies
Kim et al[8]69FemaleLow back pain radiating down to the right legSpinal cord at the L2 to L4 levels, intestine, live, bone and left supraclavicular lymph nodeA posterolate-ral extradural mass lesion between L2 and L3CD20 (+), CD79a (+), BCL-6 (+), CD10 (+), BCL-2 (-)+NANANA
Seo et al[9]40MaleProgressive pain and weakness in lower extremitiesSpinal cord at the T2 to T4 levels, liverAn intraspinal extramedu-llary mass from T2 to T4, liverCD20 (+), CD45RO (-)NA+Chemotherapy and radiation therapy with HAART after surgery for intraspinal decompression and mass separation. RadiationDied by massive pulmonary thromboembolism at 13 wk postoperatively
Chieng et al[10]9MaleProgressive pallor, peripheral oedema and respiratory distressStomachGastric body massCD20 (+), CD10 (+) and CD43 (+)NANAInduction chemotherapy with COP. Further chemotherapy included two courses of COPADAM followed by two courses of CYM and double intrathecal chemotherapy of methotrexate and hydrocortisoneRemains in clinical remission with complete resolution of the protein-losing enteropathy and no treatment related sequelae 4 yr from initial diagnosis
Bolandparvaz et al[11]21MaleAbdominal painStomachA huge mass in greater curvature of the stomachNANANATotal gastrectomy and roux-en-y esophagojejunostomy, chemotherapy was given for the patient 1 wk later without any other complicationNA
Gurzu et al[12]60FemaleFulminant hematemesis, recurring melena, epigastric pain, inappetence, and weight lossStomachA huge mass in the antrum and posterior wall of the gastric bodyCD20 (+), CD79a (+), BCL-6 (+), CD10 (+), Ki-67 (100%+), CD3 (-), CD5 (-), CD23 (-), TdT (-), bcl-2 (-), and Cyclin D1 (-)-NADistal gastrectomyDied ten days after surgical intervention
Krugmann et al[13]28MaleHematemesis and increasing abdominal painStomachA huge mass in the middle third of the stomachCD20 (+), CD10 (+), BCL-6 (+), Ki-67 (95%+), CD3 (-), CD5 (-), CD23 (-), Cyclin D1 (-), BCL-2 (-) and TdT (-)-NABillroth-II surgical resectionDied due to lymphoma recurrence four months after onset
Liao et al[14]26MaleFulminant hematemesis, abdominal painStomachA mass in the body and antrum of the stomachCD20 (+), CD10 (+), BCL-6 (+), MUM-1 (-), CD30 (-)NANAInduction chemotherapy with two courses of R-ECHOP. Further chemotherapy included two courses of R-hyper CVAD followed by five courses of intrathecal prophylactic injection of chemotherapy drugsLymphoma recurrence six months after onset
Sağlam et al[15]20MaleWeight loss, back pain, mandible numbness, night sweats, and poor exercise toleranceThe body of the pancreasA mass in the body of the pancreasNANANADoxorubicin based combination chemotherapyDied from sepsis during the second month of chemotherapy
Nistala et al[16]21MaleJaundice, increasing swelling in the epigastric regionThe head of the pancreas, cystic duct, portal vein and hepatic artery, duodenumThe first and second parts of duodenumCD20 (+), CD10 (+), BCL-6 (+), CD5 (-), Mib-1 (99%+)NANATwo cycles of CHOP followed by hyper CVAD regimen as definitive therapyNA
Konjeti et al[17]68FemaleBelching, abdominal bloating and weight lossThe head of the pancreas, central hepatic duct and portal veinThe pancreatic head massCD20 (+), CD10 (+), C-myc (+), BCL-6 (+), CD3 (-), TdT (-), BCL-2 (-), Ki-67 (> 90%+)NANATwo cycles of chemotherapy regimen consisting of etoposide, prednisone, vincristine (Oncovin), and doxorubicin hydrochloride (Hydroxydaunorubicin hydrochloride)Die due to the sepsis and bacteremia