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World J Gastroenterol. Jun 21, 2021; 27(23): 3279-3289
Published online Jun 21, 2021. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v27.i23.3279
Table 3 Clinical features and vertical transmission risk in different phases of chronic hepatitis B
Phase of CHB
Fibrosis (Metavir score)
HBV DNA level
Markers of HBV-infection
Vertical transmission risk
Phase of immune toleranceNormalF0Very high (108-109 IU/mL)HBsAg+; HBeAg+; HBeAb-; HBcorAb+Very high
Immunoreactive phaseElevatedF1-F4High (106-107 IU/mL)HBsAg+; HBeAg+/-; HBeAb-/+; HBcorAb+High
Inactive carriage of HBsAgNormalF0Less than 2000 IU/mLHBsAg+; HBeAg-; HBeAb+; HBcorAb+Low
Phase of HBeAg-negative CHBElevatedF1-F4Middle (10³-107 IU/mL)HBsAg+; HBeAg-; HBeAb+; HBcorAb+Depends on HBV viral load
Occult CHBNormalF1-F4+/-, HBV DNA in liver+HBsAg-; HBeAg-; HBeAb-; HBcorAb+/-Low