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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 14, 2019; 25(2): 190-204
Published online Jan 14, 2019. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i2.190
Table 1 Summary of calculated incidence rates for perforations related to colonoscopy from recent studies with sample sizes > 50,000 cases n (%)
Ref.Duration of enrollmentStudy design (data source)Publication yearCountryColonoscopies performedPerforation rate (%)
Sieg et al[27]1998-1999Prospective study2001Germany824164 (0.005)
Iqbal et al[76]1994-2000Retrospective study2005United States7870272 (0.084)
Rabeneck et al[77]2002-2003Population-based cohort study2008Canada9709154 (0.056)
Iqbal et al[13]1980-2006Retrospective review2008United States258248180 (0.070)
Bokemeyer et al[45]2003-2006Study based on German online registry2009Germany26914455 (0.020)
Crispin et al[45]2006Study based on compulsory health insurance (CHI)2009Germany23608769 (0.029)
Warren et al[47]2001-2005Population-based, matched cohort study.2009United States5322033 (0.062)
Arora et al[72]1995-2005Population-based cohort study2009United States277434228 (0.082)
Rabeneck et al[78]2002-2003Population-based cohort study2011Canada6763237 (0.055)
Pox et al[30]2003-2008Prospective cross-sectional study2012Germany2821392439 (0.016)
Hamdani et al[73]2002-2010Retrospective cross-sectional study2013United States8011850 (0.062)
Samalavicius et al[79]2007-2011Retrospective multicenter study2013Lithuania5688240 (0.070)
Blotière et al[29]2010Study based on comprehensive French health insurance data (SNIIRAM)2014France947061424 (0.045)
Rutter et al[52]2006-2012Study based on English National Health Service Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NHSBCSP)2014United Kingdom13083120 (0.015)
Zafar et al[48]2007-2008Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant study2014United States5403946 (0.085)
Bielawska et al[16]2000-2011Prospectively collected data from the Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative (CORI) National Endoscopic Database2014Canada1144900192 (0.017)
Shi et al[34]2000-2012Retrospective study2014China11078514 (0.012)