Systematic Reviews
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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 21, 2018; 24(27): 3038-3054
Published online Jul 21, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i27.3038
Table 3 Hepatitis C antibody prevalence evidence gap mapping with quality assessment, Fertile Crescent region
General population0.0%-4.0 % (2004-2012)1No data0.6%-2.9% (-)2No data2.8% (2004)1
Blood donors0.2%-2.8% (2003-2013)10.1%-0.9% (2003-2011)10.0%-3.4% (< 2003)10.2%-0.3% (2003-2013)10.4% (2000-2011)1
Pregnant women0.0%-5.1% (2004-2010)1No dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Children0.0% (2007-2009)1No dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Hemodialysis, renal dialysis, and/or dialysis patients4.9%-42.6% (2002-2011)121.0%-49.8% (2003-2008)116.0%-27.0% (-)217.9%-27.4% (2007-2013)121.0% (2006)1
Hemophiliac or other bleeding disorder patients6.7%-40.3% (2006-2012)1No data10.0% (-)3No data20.5% (2007-2011)1
Transfused patients3.4%-4.5% (2004-2008)1No dataNo dataNo data13.3% (2000)2
Thalassemic patients4.0%-46.0% (2003-2012)132.8% (2008)10.0%-14.0% (> 1999)1No dataNo data
Patients with hepatocellular carcinoma26.1% (2000-2003)2No data19.6% (1998-2003)2No dataNo data
Patients with acute liver disease0.0%-71.9% (2007-2011)1No dataNo dataNo data1.0%(1995-1998)1
Patients with chronic liver disease3.8%-62.0% (2005-2009)1No dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Healthcare workers0.0%-9.1% (2002-2010)10.7% (1999)10.4% (1999)1No data3.0%-3.8% (-)2
Barbers0.3% (1999-2001)1No dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Contact of patients with hepatitis C1.2%-1.4% (1996-2001)1No dataNo dataNo dataNo data
People who inject drugsNo dataNo data52.8% (2007-2008)145.2% (2010)160.5% (-)3
Prisoners0.6% (1996-2001)1No data3.4% (-)3No dataNo data
Patients with HIV and/or other sexually transmitted infection1.2% (-)2No data7.7% (-)3No dataNo data
Sex workersNo dataNo data0.0% (2007-2008)1No data2.0% (-)2
Men who have sex with menNo dataNo data0.0% (2007-2008)1No dataNo data