Systematic Reviews
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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 14, 2018; 24(2): 274-289
Published online Jan 14, 2018. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v24.i2.274
Table 4 Survival results after surgery alone in reference centers
Study, countryPeriodSetupNo. of patientsNode dissection5-yr OS rates
Cunningham et al[17] United Kingdom1994-2002MC RCT503D2 in 40% S/42% NACNAC + S 36.3% Surgery alone 23%
Ychou et al[18] France1995-2003MC RCT224No data on type of LNDNAC + S 38% Surgery alone 24%
Maruyama et al[48] Japan1991-2009MC Retr11261D2AJCC Stage II 73.1% AJCC stage III 44.5%
Wu et al[53] Taiwan1993-1999MC RCT110/111D1 vs D3D1 53.6%/ D3 59.5%
Kim et al[49] South Korea2009-2011MC Retr1561D2AJCC Stage II 86.5% AJCC Stage III 63.7%
Siewert et al[50] Germany1986-1989MC Prosp1096D246.60%
Sue-Ling et al[51] United Kingdom1970-1989SI Prosp207D255%
Viste et al[54] Norway1980-1990SI Retr105D247%
Robertson et al[55] Hong Kong1987-1991SI RCT25/30D1 vs D2D1 45%/D2 35%
Dent et al[56] South Africa1982-1985SS RCT22/21D1 vs D2D1 69%/D2 67%
Bonenkamp et al[57] The Netherlands1989-1993MC RCT380/331D1 vs D2D1/D2: 45%/47% D2, pT2: 44% D2, pT3: 22% D2, LN-/LN+: 69%/30%
Degiuli et al[13] Italy1998-2006MC RCT133/134D1 vs D2D1 /D2: 66.5%/64.2% D2 pT2-T4: 59% D2 pT2-pT4 N+: 51%