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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 21, 2017; 23(7): 1310-1318
Published online Feb 21, 2017. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v23.i7.1310
Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies
Ref.CountryStudy designNumber (M/F)Age, yr (range)PopulationDetection methodSample timeRate% (n/N)1Cut-off criteriaCurative methodFollow-upOutcome
Li et al[26], 2016ChinaCohort140 (117/23)62.8 ± 8.5 (36-78)ESCCFluorescent IHCBaseline44 (62/140)> 2/5 mLSurgery3 yrOS, DFS
Su et al[25], 2016ChinaProspective cohort57 (55/2)54 (36-78)ECFlow cytometryBaseline50 (29/57)≥ 21/mLCCRT3 yrOS, PFS
Reeh et al[27], 2015GermanyProspective cohort100 (77/23)66 (32-85)ECCellSearchBaseline18 (18/100)≥ 1/7.5 mLSurgery37.5 mo (median)OS, RFS
Matsushita et al[28], 2015JapanProspective cohort90 (78/12)65 (46-98)ESCCCellSearchBaseline and after treatment27 (25/90)≥ 1/7.5 mLChemotherapy or CRT10.3 mo (median), range 0.3-36.4 moOS
Tanaka et al[29], 2015JapanProspective cohort38 (30/8)63 (43-87)ECCellSearchBaseline and after treatment50 (19/38)≥ 2/7.5 mLChemotherapy or CRT19 mo (median)OS
Yin et al[30], 2012ChinaCohort72 (54/18)63 (46-83)ESCCRT-PCRBaseline and after treatment69 (50/72)Expression of any one of CEA, CK19, survivinRadiotherapy2 yrPFS
Tanaka et al[31], 2010JapanProspective cohort244 (212/32)64 (NR)ESCCRT-PCRBaseline and after treatment13 (34/244)Expression of any one of CEA, SCCASurgery24.3 mo (median)OS, DFS
Hoffmann et al[32], 2010GermanyCohort62 (53/9)61 (NR)ECRT-PCRBaseline77 (48/62)Expression of survivinSurgery3 yr (median)OS
Gao et al[33], 20092ChinaCohort108 (85/23)58.9 (36-82)ESCCRT-PCRBaseline47 (51/108)Expression of survivinSurgery19.5 mo (median), range, 1-33 moOS, RFS