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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 21, 2016; 22(39): 8720-8734
Published online Oct 21, 2016. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v22.i39.8720
Table 1 Profile of various studies on occult hepatitis B infection in patients with hepatitis C virus infection
Ref.YearsStudy populationOBI
Fukuda et al[52]199965 patients with HCV-related liver disease34/65 (52.3%)
Kao et al[53]2002210 patients with HCV-related liver disease31/210 (14.8%)
Besisik et al[54]200333 HCV positive patients on hemodialysis12/33 (36.4%)
Georgiadou et al[55]2004187 patients with HCV-related liver disease49/187
Khattab et al[56]200553 patients with chronic HCV infection4/53 (7.5%)
Goral et al[57]200650 HCV positive patients on hemodialysis0/50
Branco et al[43]200746 patients with HCV-related liver disease9/46 (19.5%)
Toyoda et al[58]200795 HCV positive patients with HCC2/95 (2.1%)
Shetty et al[59]200844 HCV positive patients with liver cirrhosis22/44 (50%)
Tamori et al[60]200950 HCV positive patients with HCC21/50 (42%)
Chen et al[61]2010126 patients with chronic HCV infection6/126 (5%)
Jang et al[62]201132 patients with chronic HCV infection9/32 (28.1%)
Joukar et al[63]201259 HCV positive patients on hemodialysis0/59
Vakili Ghartavol et al[64]201350 patients with chronic HCV infection18/50(36%)
Kishk et al[65]2014162 patients with chronic HCV infection3/162 (1.85%)
Mandour et al[66]2015210 patients with chronic HCV infection53/210 (25.2%)